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    Paul Hartley will achieve more in his career than Alex Neil.
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    You couldn't have got a more appropriate pair.
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    St Mirren are some bunch of lads. Helped us to the title and got top boys like Stephen McGinn in the squad. Hope they win it next year x
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    Does this look like a man that looks under pressure from his employers not to score goals for the club he's playing for?
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    The guts of Pacman? Have a word with yourself you fucking madman.
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    Doesn't really work when the 'spoiler' is visible before even opening the thread.
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    Clydebank FC 0 Cumbernauld 0 [after 5 secs] An improvement on last week......
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    Well done to the big club. Back where they belong. #fuckyir1902
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    Only North Korea can save Dundee's season.
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    Just saw Roberts walking down Link Street in a sulk. Good.
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    Quite heavy strapping on that bottom lip.
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    The issue for me is the team he has put out again today, same issue as last week. Jim Duffy told everyone how St.Mirren play, high press, and Houston played right into their hands with the lack of pace in the side. It allowed St.Mirren to get 10/15 yards further up the pitch and press us in our own half stopping Leahy and Sibbald's distribution. Again like last week Houston brings on pace (Aird and Austin), St.Mirren immediately drop off and we have more space to play in. Pace kills teams, they hate playing against it. We have plenty in Austin, Aird, Shepherd and Hypolyte yet Houston seems not to trust most of these players. Get them in the team Peter FFS.
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    arbroath lost today and drew last week, forfar are in terrible form and we gave them some good games when we were dross and they were on form, elgin have been up and down all season and are off form. we definitely have a chance. interesting to see its now berwick who we need to overcome. only 3 points and we have the better goal difference. after all the garbage from some of their moronic fans it would be sweet if they ended 10th.
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    Some bizarre comments from Elgin fans, not necessarily on here, about Goodwillie. Let's be honest, we'd sign Kim Jong-un if he could score a hat trick in 12 minutes. It's not as if playing for Clyde is somehow justifying what he may or may not have done in the past.
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    At least one of my teams has something to celebrate today. GGTTH
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    Look we have a 30 minute window of opportunity to gloat so it must be taken. Once we inevitably lose to Ayr we will be back to normal.
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    Ideally he continue past Morrisons and get in the sea.
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    https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/870455/hibs-have-to-back-neil-lennon-in-the-transfer-market-or-run-the-risk-of-losing-him-says-john-hartson/?CMP=Spklr-_-Editorial-_-scotsunsport-_-News-_-TwImageandlink-_-Statement-_-TWITTER What a shite article. Basically a piece trying to get his wee pal a wage rise, when he's apparently already the highest earning Hibs manager ever and has yet to prove he's anywhere near good enough. This bit too..."Hibs have got their heart and soul back, and it’s all down to one man." Aye John, his name is Alan Stubbs.
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    I couldn't find that one. Instead, here's the backtracking that followed your original post...
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    Fair play to the lads that organised it.
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    This is tremendous. He should just call the game from that wee seat, like a tennis umpire
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    Well done you trophy gluttons. Now go and lay waste to Hampden once more.
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    Fair enough comment on Davo / the players trotting out the same lines but the comment re: Matthew Elder is uncalled for. Even the most eloquent journo in the world would have worn out a thesaurus, this season, trying to come up with new ways to make our dross football sound interesting. Given the crap fest he has to watch (like all of us) I think he does a pretty sterling job of reporting on it, plus keeping up with all the weird and woeful things that have happened this season.
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    Looks like it's all over bar the shouting. Well done the Hibees, back where you belong next season.
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    I thought it was a good game. Both teams came to play and both teams were clearly desperate to win. I thought both Falkirk's goals were slightly against the run of play at the time, but they dominated proceedings after they'd scored in both half's. To be honest, I thought we were clinging on at the end and was desperate for the final whistle to go. Having seen them all recently, Falkirk look miles better than any of the other playoff teams. I don't know if they are good enough to beat the Premiership team, but they should certainly finish second and make the final. Good luck to them.
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    Has there ever been two teams at the top of the league at this stage with fans that have absolutely no faith in them to pull through..?
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    St Mirren's team isn't half packed with pace btw. Some turnout today from their support as well tbf.
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    Joe Mbu was fucking incredible today.
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    That was incredible. Second half we dropped off, but the scenes when Devlin scored were amazing. Still a lot of work to do, but that was as good as we've had lately. Glorious.
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    Ayr would have more chance of losing if they went behind...
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    We one won game in a row. When that happens we're the best team in the country. The pitch at Airdrie is superb. Confidence probably comes from the 2 wins and a draw since changing formation/tictacs. We're the footballing equivalent of a boxer with a proper knockout punch but incredibly fragile glass jaw (Frank Bruno?).
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    That's one bin dwelling jakey gone. I'm sure he will be back soon but his inability to avoid the deid pool thread will make him easy to spot and empty again.
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    https://www.flickr.com/photos/scotsman_in_hawaii/albums/72157682641416985 - Photographs from today. Including Mr Blobby and the traveling couple from Holland. I thought Referee Roncone had it in for Arbroath when he booked Prunty who was wrestled to the ground, but jumping into the Edinburgh Celebrations surely was a bit much.
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    Compare the football under McBride to Wilson it's night and day. McBride had us playing the ball on deck and with players available to himself was getting the best out of the players. McBride also gave appearances to Connor, Craig, Robbie, Sean. TW stared he wanted us to bring young players through but that was all scrapped with Wilson Dalziel.Everyone those young players showed ability then for our DOF to call them numbers. McBride also had experience with working with all the players at the club including 20s. Someone said they were playing Fifa is it factual or a rumour ?
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    Playoff finalists last year, more than likely to finish second this year and Falkirk fans are wanting Houston replaced??
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    Went along as a neutral in the end after bailing on the Pars. Entertaining game and a fair result. St Mirren brought a great crowd through. Their second goal was tremendous. Other than the disallowed goal looking soft, I felt the ref was alright. I think you're all a little bit biased.
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    We're not here to take part, we're here to take over. Be afraid.
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    Love an injury time winner, never turned up first half then went 2 nil down, then win 3-2 and also miss a pen, well done to the lads, no need for whoever it was from renfrew to damage the away dressing room door, but their commitee guys were great, their coach could learn a thing or two from them, when asked about the door he replied to one of our commitee men "f**k up", only one word for him, tosser
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    Apparently Bain stuck two fingers up to the Cox as well. Absolute turmoil at Dens.
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    Game day! Buzzing already, hope its a great day with a good game and hopefully a wee glens win. I know Glens staff, committee etc have worked very hard to make today run smooth and successfully so here's hoping that everyone enjoys themselves and all were talking about over the next few weeks is two great games. Hope the best team wins and a warm welcome to our neighbours from the East [emoji106]🏼[emoji460] C'mon The Glens !!
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    Indeed. Scouts of Premiership and Championship clubs down South are well known to use the Evening Telegraph and Courier as barometers of player's ability.
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    I've just spotted Berwick The Unbeatable and Berwick Mad approaching Annan this morning. Presumably for tomorrow's game before heading off for their annual pilgrimage to Appleby horse fair. I guess I'd better lock my shed !!