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    You can uncross them. He's banned.
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    Since your original post you've posted links to Holocaust denial sites, cited David Irving as a credible source, called the trial that proved otherwise a sham, stated that the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust was one million, compared the Holocaust to the plight of Native Americans and posted self-pitying rubbish about being 'verbally abused'. It's the full playbook of Holocaust denial. You can't justify anything you say so flail around at people calling you out on it. It's pathetic but standard behaviour for somebody with your views.
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    That could've quite easily been 7-1 on another day.
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    Calling a poster a beast = ban Denying the genocide of ~6m people using the crude term "holohoax" = a slap on the wrist
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    I know we're both sh*te at talking about serious stuff in person, but I wished we had chatted about this on Sunday whilst knee deep in the bloody Tay (I've got wet feet, I've got wet feet- there's a song in there somewhere....) I read this earlier and some thoughts flying around, so please forgive me if I act a little strange if it jumps around a little. First things first- accept that you will feel sh*te sometimes. It's learning how to deal with it that's the issue. I sometimes feel utterly crap still too and instead of drinking like I used to, I now munch chocolate and sweet things, or try really hard to distract myself. Usually both. My moods go up and down depending on small little things that happen and I can accept that I will feel low sometimes- it's a great start to coping with mental problems. You know most if not all the bollox I've dealt with before- if a wee pr*ck like me can cope then an awesome c*nt like you definitely can. Secondly- as hard as it might be sometimes, really try and go into work each day. I'm aware that it is dull and boring but right now, it's your main source of income and if you lose that, you're even more f*cked. You'll end up back at your parents at square one again with no chance of a job being in Saline etc. So really try and push through it in the mornings and keep reminding yourself it's a long term plan and this is sh*tty stage one. Mind, if you need a hand to move your stuff I can come and help. Thirdly- as harsh as it sounds just forget the whole girlfriend thing at the moment. Anyone worth bothering your a*se over (i.e. not mentalist types!) will be able to detect some of the stuff at the moment. I don't know how, but they do. Fix yourself first and that sh*t will come. For an ugly hoor, you're a good looking c*nt. Don't ever quote me on that! Fourthly (??)- keep up that running you were doing. Aye, inclines are a b*tch. F*cking push through it. Losing weight and feeling better doesn't come without it's own pain in my view, although I know it's tough with your ankle. Do you still have a bike? If not, maybe I can ask Judy to lend you hers that's in our shed at the moment as I don't use it. If running isn't your thing, maybe cycling or swimming is. You definitely need to get baw deep in some good cardio though, so many benefits from it. Kind of need to f*ck off to work now but there's loads more that I could write. I've a load of books you could try borrow. Whatever sounds cheesy in feeling better though- it normally works to some degree. We're all different and we all have ways of coping with depression to whatever degree we have it- it's about trying as many techniques as possible until you know how to deal with it- once you've got that it's amazing how much luck and good things will start to happen. I've also got a bunch of stuff from before I came back to Aberdeen, from some course I did at Lauder about mental health and how to deal with it etc. I've kept them as I have to try remind myself of the good stuff- mental health is something that needs constantly worked out too and it's knowing what work out to use. We're all worried about you. I know for a fact you can talk to Judy whenever you want as she desperately wants to help if she can, even with burd advice! What she knows about pulling burds though, I'm not sure.... But seriously I know all of us are worried (you know who I mean) and if we can help I know we will. That's why we've done hill walking etc recently, it's great to get out and do something different. Won't be able to for the next 4 weeks but will be back to it after that! Text me, call or whatever if you feel you're feeling like that again. Or I'll do to you what you did to that door
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    I remember during the Bush administration the reaction of many conservatives to the news Muslims were being tortured in US run prisons. Not horror, not concern, not even "Hey guys; we're supposed to be better than this." No, they reacted with delight. Sheer, unmitigated glee. It didn't matter that there was no evidence these people were guilty of anything at all - many "Good Christian" Americans thought it was wonderful news. For eight years; people who spoke out against Bush or his policies were denounced as traitors, America haters, cowards and terrorist lovers. Not just on-line but on television, radio and in the newspapers. Most of these imbeciles couldn't even find Iraq on a map but they advocated wholesale genocide of anyone living there because "they attacked us on 9/11." And you just have to see the hateful rhetoric spewing from Trump' current campaign and his plans to deport Muslims who don't take his loyalty oaths to see the similarities between 1930's Germany and the USA today. It could indeed, happen anywhere.
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    Dat statement It's funny how some sellick fans had a 'sectarian' banner in last seasons Scottish Cup semi final yet there was no pathetic, tear stained statement made after that because they won the tie. It's quite clear that Rangers and their support simply don't like it up them and just can't hack that they're not top dog anymore.
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    Some result. Thats right up there with losing at home to the worst Morton side in living memory.
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    Ross County are getting paid £100,000 for this.
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    Missing a penalty, how embarrassing.
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    I heard it was rife up there.
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    The concentration camps of the Boer war where not really comparable with those of Nazi Germany. In South Africa the British attempted to disrupt the guerilla warfare of the Boers by putting everyone into camps, thereby containing them. Tens of thousands died, due to incompetence and poor administration. In Nazi Germany whole peoples were sent in millions to extermination camps to be deliberately murdered within hours of arriving, used for horrific medical experiments or put into slavery until they died of exhaust. Slaughter and human history go hand in hand but Nazi Germany's industrialized genocide really does stand alone, by a long distance, in terms of sheer evil.
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    You've got a plan DA, work towards moving flat, that's a great positive mate. Tell your GP you want to do some exercise to help your physical health & state of mind but because of your financial state you can't afford it & can they help out, have they anything going to get you out & about? See if there is any college courses you could do that you would be interested in, you'll meet people. Are there any self-help groups in your area, meeting up with folk in a similar situation could help you & them? Finally you've always got us, ffs. Grimbo
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    *sucks air sharply through teeth*
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    Another quirk at Celtic Park is that the turnstyles are so narrow, you have to tie your inflatable sex doll's arms together to get it through.
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    This. Fly them high Bhoys. Hail hail.
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    Not much between the two sides, Celtic were unlucky.
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    I've worked in some horrendously tedious and boring jobs before and the way I managed to cope was just doing the absolute best I could in that role and being really professional. At the end of the day at least you can go home and say you've done your best and made a difference and your colleagues will likely be on your side too as their life will be easier. Fill up spare time with exercise, just try walking if you're not fit. Once you get fitter try five a side or a team sport. I dont know what it was but one day I just said f**k it and started exercising. From having not run for years or done any exercise I just gradually built it up doing various things. The easiest and quickest way for me was getting an exercise bike. It's very easy to join a gym then come up with excuses and not go. If you have a bike in your house you can do half an hour easily while listening to music or reading a book. It's not really a chore. Six months of doing that plus eating decent food and I can guarantee you would feel more positive. pretty sure as others have said there's money available to help people get regular exercise, the pars could do with a set piece coach... Sorry if this comes across as happy flappy bollocks but I've been really down before and still am at times. Exercise definitely helped, no question.
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    Well AV apparently you and Davie aren't big mates and I think he's calling you out !!! whitletts are a well run club run by good people and you are fucking idiot
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    We've got ourselves a combination of some truly legendary centre backs here.
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    We're only on page two you fucking slob.
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    David Irving is not a historian and you don't understand what plagiarism' means. It's absolutely remarkable that the moderators on this site choose to tolerate complete and utter imbeciles like yourself, when the site falls over backwards to accommodate Nil by Mouth and other charlatan groups.
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    Rangers - no one likes them, but by f**k do they care about it.
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    You can't deny that the Holocaust took place without people calling you a Holocaust denier or anti-Semite these days, it really is political correctness gone mad!
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    Of course people who were involved with the Holocaust should be convicted and sent to jail, in accordance with fair trials, medical fitness etc etc. I'm amazed there are people on the forum who want to debate this. The whole point is as a message to say that if you are culpable in crimes against humanity of that magnitude you will be hunted to your dying day. Maybe in the 40s they thought they might get away with it if they kept their heads down for long enough - as long as we live in a world where genocide/crimes against humanity still exist it's a good message for the civilised world to send that that definitely is not the case. As for wisbit, what a fucking loser. People have been banned from the forum for far less than Holocaust denial, hopefully the mods deal with it strongly.
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    Bit of a sickener for the Bhoys tonight. I have to say though it was a real pleasure just to watch one of the biggest and best supported institutions in world football in action tonight. Barca were decent as well. HH
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    Absolute nonsense, a total lack of perspective. With a lot of heart and maybe a bit of luck, we'll score at least one lucky deflection.
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    Sensible post from a supporter who isnt waiting for failure , Not enough of these posts and far too much of others throughout season....
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    9 assists in 8 games for Easton, he is going to be missed massively. When you sign players like him you have to deal with the fact at times he is going to be greedy and shoot instead of passing, but when you think of some of the garbage players we have had endure in recent years it was great to see a player that wanted the ball all the time and could beat players and score the goal he scored on the first league game of the season.
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    Sold for £16k. Possibly to Celtic, but TBC.
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    Please save the rage for after we've pumped you. Thank you.
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    Guess where we all were when you went to Howdens?
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    Well that's the question really isn't it? I think everyone can agree now that this isn't anything to do with the BBC not having the 'resources' to send cameras to cover an additional 5 games. Indeed when they were showing lower league highlights it was generally only of one or two games per week anyway. These matches are being filmed, as has been stated above highlight packages are being made and other broadcasters are choosing to purchase them. The BBC isn't showing them and hence the question has to be is it because they can't or because they won't? A new contract was negotiated this year so either it didn't include these rights or it actually did and the BBC have made an editorial decision not to include them on Sportscene. If the contract didn't include such rights it was because the BBC didn't want them or the SPFL asked for an extortionate (in the BBC's eyes) sum. So which was it? These are valid questions the BBC should answer. Do you work for the BBC or something? Or did having two minutes of highlights of a championship game really ruin Sportscene that much for you? I don't recall there being large numbers of complaints on here that the lower leagues got some coverage so I think your statement that 'everyone would agree the highlights were rubbish as a result' a bit bizarre to be honest. I don't think the poor quality of the highlights of premiership games previously had anything to do with showing one or two lower league games either; it was down to editorial decisions made by the BBC at the time. The 'why is this an issue now?' angle is also bemusing. Well evidently because the BBC expanded their coverage and then subsequently decided to reduce it once again without adequate justification in the eyes of a lot of their audience, hence the complaints. The last bit in italics I find really bizarre. The BBC as the broadcaster involved are the only party who could explain why they've decided not to show these highlights; and they clearly 'deliberately' decided not to, I can't see how Sky or the SPFL are 'forcing' them to not show them. It's also up to the BBC to explain why they showed any at all to begin with and provide a convincing explanation that it wasn't anything to do with Rangers. The idea that because Sky and BT wanted the coverage the BBC had no choice but to copy them is ludicrous. It is the BBC and the BBC alone who can answer the questions I've asked above as to the contract and their approach to the negotiations. At best the SPFL would be able to tell you if they were asked for the rights and perhaps (although I suspect they wouldn't reveal it) how much they asked the BBC to pay if the BBC asked for them at all. Why would my club or the SPFL, or even Doncaster, know why the answers to these questions? Basically this is the BBC's decision and for them to explain. Nobody forced them to this decision and nobody can explain their actions away for them. The highlights are out there: other broadcasters are paying for them on occasion. The BBC don't and waffle about contracts 'reverting' or a 'lack of capacity' isn't a satisfactory response.
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    You won't know us by our noise
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    There are three options here: 1. You're pretending to be a holocaust denier because you think trolling about the genocide of upwards of 6 million people is somehow 'edgy' and you're striking some sort of blow against political correctness. In which case you're a complete cretin. 2. You're that desperate for attention you've decided to hijack a thread about the holocaust with by pretending to deny it happened (or hinting that you think it didn't) because you've really nothing better to do. In which case you're a complete cretin. Or 3. You genuinely believe despite masses of documentary and eyewitness evidence that the holocaust didn't happen. In which case you're a complete cretin.
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    Not really buying the BBC's line on all this. When they got complaints about ditching the Championship highlights, coincidentally when Rangers made it to the premiership, they offered up a range of excuses in their initial response. http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/complaint/sportscenescotchampionship Firstly that Sportscene focused historically on the top tier only. Then why expand it to 'certain' lower league games over the past 4 seasons? Secondly that the premiership-only format thus mirrored Match of the Day: see above and also a total irrelevance anyway, there's no need to ape MOTD for any reason. Both of those reasons were irrelevant bunkum, the TV rights deal angle was the only one worth arguing (if they're going to pretend as they have been doing that it had nothing to do with covering any one club in particular), so the only one worth looking at critically. It's true they have argued that it was BT and Sky who asked the SPFL for the rights to lower league games in 2012 and apparently therefore these rights suddenly became available (apparently nobody had bothered to ask for them before). If the BBC as their response states were 'able to access' such highlights packages as a consequence it's reasonable to assume there was a cost involved. I can't see Sky or BT getting them for free or passing them over to the BBC for free, although their response infers that the subscription broadcasters might have been that generous. Who knows, maybe there really was a clause in their deal with the SPFL that meant that if BT or Sky got extended live rights the BBC automatically got the highlights of these games at no extra cost. Maybe. In any case all a bit irrelevant as that deal is apparently history. In their statement the BBC alleged that their rights package has "reverted" to one that just allows them to show highlights of the premier league but not anything below that. Bit weird then that in May they were trumpeting the fact they'd signed a 'new' deal with the SPFL: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/36213734 So it really isn't the case that the deal simply went back to what it was before; had they had the appetite to do so presumably in May, knowing that their rights to championship highlights, however they had secured them, were about to elapse they could have included them in the new arrangement. They didn't. Either the SPFL asked for some ridiculous sum or they decided to just stop paying for them. Given the SPFL hadn't been apparently been able to sell these rights before, and in a footballing context were supposedly in a 'weaker' position I'm going for the latter being more likely. In any case it's truly ludicrous BBC Alba have the live rights to these games, or some of them at least, but BBC Scotland can't apparently get the rights to the highlights of these games. Especially when Alba can show highlights of the premiership. Basically their response is self-serving and incomplete. I've been going through the complaints process on this to try and get some more clarity as to what rights they actually have regarding the Alba deal and whether or not any attempt was made to get lower league highlights included in their new deal (and if not why not). So far all they're prepared to do is regurgitate their original statement and they have 'nothing further to add at this stage'. So it'll be escalated to the next stage then...
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