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    Picture of Josh, finally manged to upload one
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    P&B Gold turned to absolute horse shit in the space of a few posts. Momo Cilla
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    What a carry on that was. It's darts, not draughts. Haha, I'm here all week.
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    F**k aye. I was pulling out a junction earlier when I waited on a bint who didn't indicate and pulled into the road I was coming out of. I gave her such a mouthful of abuse. Cow
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    There's nothing worse than people having FB "banter" with their parents, especially when it's between a guy and his mum. One guy on my FB says things like "my mum won't let me in the kitchen because she's making me a surprise, the suspense is killing me", and she'll reply by saying "tut tut, you'll just have to wait xx". They're practically flirting with eachother, it makes me fucking sick.
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    Can I do one called 'McPee' It'll be a laugh
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    Can't see a thread for this, but new series of Sherlock is on BBC One has just finished, thought it was a brilliant episode with benedict cumberbatch doing another brilliant job. Really looking forward to the next 2 episode If you haven't seen it, I'd advise you to watch it on the iplayer
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    Uploaded three videos from that night. Sky sports pre-match coverage: Anthems and Hutchison's goal: 'rockin all over the world' afterwards:
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    I think its the hammer trying to get his breath back.
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    Fúck off Lewis you moaning twat.
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    Campaign for Summer Darts!!!
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    @ The guy in the crowd with the blue polo shirt going apeshit.
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    Just been out to one by the pond (next to Glasgow Pond Hotel) on Great Western Road but couldn't find the cache in the dark. I know I was in exactly the right place. The toilets at the BP garage were out of order so had to pee in the park. Saw a man (a real jakey) grab a woman (probably his partner) out a phone box and the two started fighting. I was just passing them at this point but never looked back. The noises suggest he battered her. An interesting first geocaching adventure!
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    There is a free one on Andriod which is brilliant. Called C:geo and links onto your GEOC.com profile. Have a look for that before shelling out.
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    f**k off and get on with the paint things.
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    This is how I'd list ALL of the Nolan movies I've watched. 1. The Prestige 2. Memento 3. Insomnia 4. Batman Begins 5. Following 6. The Dark Knight 7. Inception And Inception is quite a bit behind that top 6.
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    A wee question. Does every woman do the same with her partner? They might say something which on the face of it appears to be a question about the child. Something innocuous like do you think she needs a yogurt as well as the weetabix/toast/egg she just had. Do you think that she needs new shoes? What should we dress her in today? No matter what you say it doesn't make a difference. She was actually just talking aloud or wanting to hear her opinion in a slightly deeper voice. Not sure if it's just us or if it happens to everyone. I think that she's just wanting to make me feel like I have any sort of input but in reality she'll just do whatever it was in her mind to start with.
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    These animal cruelty adverts, hitting bears to make them dance. Why don't the bears just dance and save all this unpleasantness?
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    You're back! I do think a formal statement is due..........just to clear things up.
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    Jesus wept, there isn't half some crap on here in the last week.
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    I rekon we should have a quiz to see who the ultimate fan is......................
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    ^^^ pishing your jeans Most undignified.
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    Right satans husband, where is it?!
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    There is one along from me called the White Cart Log. Might give that a miss...
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    Which was in response to the booing they got at Hampden, and the fallout in the media afterwards. Grow up, shit-for-brains.
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    listen to the boos when our national anthem comes on!! All one way stuff my arse. f**k the English!
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    I'm no expert but I don't think you're meant to wear it.
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    It's funny the way the celtic fans try and use their boys club shame to try and point score..Shameful Just for the record i never sing it and was on FF recently agreeing with the posters sick of hearing the 'Bears are having a party' song...not that we have been singing that particular ditty much recently. It happened..it could have been at any club..the only shame was the way the club closed ranks and never reported it to the authorities. I would like to think people would learn from this but there are still organisations to this day that cover it up
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    Bit of a dodgy title on this article. Link.
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    Hope all goes well Rowan It had to be done!
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    P&B's infamous poster, John Obi Mikey.
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    I dunno, yet it's like watching Eugene turn bad.
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    How annoying are people who constantly post them daft faces?
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    One of the biggest pops/crowd reactions ever IMO. Such a quality time, I can still remember it vividly. The crowds aren't like that anymore, although it's no suprise when you look at the talent at the moment and who the product is aimed at compared with back then.
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    Scare the hare is the worst quiz show ive had the misfortune to witness the end of. Ever
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    Aye that was a shit episode tbh.
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    Looking forward to Raw tonight Why did i get a rep for that. Wankers
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    Alright guys, first post. I'm a regular poster on Jambo's Kickback which appears to use the same forum so should get the hang of it.
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    Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel A-nnoyer
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    f**k off and die Pond!