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    If you guys are doing any fundraising, give us a shout. Can't have Rovers going to the wall.
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    Im gonna be a dad again, the wife is 12 weeks pregnant.
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    If you don't go to a Times Higher Education world top 40 university, you're not really at university at all, imo.
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    Don't worry, I'm sure your books on C18th Scottish history will be dreadfully useful in helping you to cross rivers. No doubt I'm sure your far more worthwhile subject will enable you to design vehicles and aircraft in which to travel, safely bore tunnels for trains to go through, generate electricity to run those computers you write your essays (and on here, your drivel), to design those computers you use, to design those machines that enable the mass production of those books you read, to design the most durable and effective delivery mechanism to provide you with running water in your home, to design those telecommunications masts and to choose a place most likely to deliver the best coverage to your mobile phone, which of course you'll also have to develop yourself. Maybe your academic superiority will ensure that those road networks design themselves, perhaps you'll preserve your food in a pan of water in the absence of a fridge? Perhaps you can burn a few of those books to generate a campfire to cook your food? Don't be such a fucking intellectual snob. There is nothing remotely diddy about engineering. It contributes far more to contemporary society than a poxy arts or social science degree. And I say that as someone taking a quasi-social science degree in the form of the LLB.
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    You can fucking talk........hot knob!
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    I'd forgotten about him, apparently he works in The Bums Burns Unit.
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    I'm the only Scottish male in my whole stairwell at Edinburgh. The banter is shite.
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    Why do they seem to be parading pieces of bread?
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    in my defence my last attempt was foiled by a junior member telling the last she must be easy if she was with me, que her and her mate going mad at him and him digging himself the biggest hole ive seen. I blame that lack of a shag affecting my "performance" in the Woking charity game the next day
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    Hard to pick between those two.
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    Again today, I apologise for playing broken records, but part time football is, unfortunately, the way forward if the club wants to break even. I'm not advocating a fully PT squad, but a return to the set up we had on promotion is more sensible than our current attempts. I was pretty annoyed with Hutton's comments in the FFP regarding PT football - he more or less compared us with Elgin, which I thought was very disingenuous. Add that into his 'what do the fans want?' quote, and it appears we're back to the time honoured guilt trip on the fans.
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    University snobbery from a Strathy student lol. Pick on someone your own size (perhaps a student from Abertay) *snigger*
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    Over the last 17 years, our stewardship could be considered reckless at best. We've had a decent wee club who've been lumbered with unrealistic expectations. I don't think anyone needs to be told about how our glory years were financially our worst in the long term. However, the last five years we've been guilty of just thinking our club will be fine. The blame partially lies with many supports, who have assumed that as we ascended up the tables our club have been doing well enough, and that we just needed a wee break financially such as a cup run which we got. Last season was unexpected, but then I think we're suffering the hangover now. We really need for the board to start being brutally truthful. Like them or not, we need for them to come out and tell it as it is. We can't keep letting this go on, we get the occasional report off the FFP that there is a problem at the club and then we get no clarity. On both here and fantalk, people have come up with a few fundraising ideas, yet we've heard nothing from the board over their long term strategy. I think in the last 28 years we've had no long term strategy, other than as you say, youth players and cup ties. We need to start looking at where we can go. Frankly, as each press report comes out I'm becoming less and less impressed with the board. Yes, Caira and Hutton have been digging deep to keep the club afloat, but why aren't haven't they been saying this before now rather than when we're getting lower gates than we've budgeted for. As it stands, each news report is crushing. All I hope for is that in a couple of years I still have a club to support. I've only gone to Raith games since 2005, when Anelka first came along. I've had some fantastic days and nights all over Scotland. I might be coming across all Bladerunner-esque, but I've seen us play non-league teams in the cup down in Castle Douglas in horrendous weather, I've seen us go up to Aberdeen with our captain in a car-crash, and with one recognised defender on the pitch who was fully fit as Stephen Simmons and Mark Ferry played in defence, and win. I've had some fantastic memories over the past 6 years, even if from time to time I come out wondering why. I'd be truly crushed if that was taken away from me. So, in short, I hope the board stop being so stubborn. Come out and tell us as it is, I'd rather hear them come out and admit 'we should take action now', than when we're hurtling into administration. We don't have the resources of Dundee, and the ability to hold onto players like Harkins and Griffiths and trim the squad, as we have nothing left. If we're deducted points, and we're forced to release players, then we're going to be utterly fucked.
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    His dad was a fanny
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    Cheers, can you arrange a sponsored "set fire to Sammy & his tank"?? If your serious though the next item on the fundraising agenda is Decembeard, if you fancy growing some whiskers for the wee team?
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    Supras is a lecturer there.
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    Wasn't your entire university a technical college until forty-odd years ago?
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    Afternoon all First item in the new "Back to Basics" range..... Retro 91-94 Home shirt http://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=5565&Itemid=320 Thanks Retail Team
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    PS3 ID amie301285 - only Red Dead Redemption, Assassins Creed Brotherhood and
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    Obviously, it's nearly 11 o clock.
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    Just watching RAW....Cody Rhodes sounds like he's in the middle of a stroke when he talks.
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    Well I have two essays and a multiple-thousand word dissertation to write up in the next six weeks, so cry me a fucking river.
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    With it being reported that Raith made a loss of 80K last season and are excpected to do the same this season, does that mean they're a bunch of cheating b*****ds fielding a team of players they can't afford? How many more are doing this in the 1st Div, and are their fans still spouting the same pish about Livi, or is it ok because they've not gone into admin.........yet. .
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    Can I make a giro cheque payment at the post office? Also, have I to pay the cheque within 20 days of the failed payment, 20 days of the letter informing me of the failed payment being sent or within 20 days of receiving aforementioned letter?
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    The important thing is, did you take a photo of a scoreboard or even the stands to confirm what was going on? They normally have a 15-year half-life for success-starved clubs like Raith.