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    Hibs fans proclaiming 'Over & *** With' Proclaimtas Slivka - The Leithuanian
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    Watched the highlights on RTV and a bit of the full match replay. To be honest 11v11 I think we beat them, but the sending off so early in the game puts us on the defensive straight away. I've seen a few replays of the sending off and there is one that seems to show that Jack motioned towards the Hibs player with his head, so it looks like there's no arguments about his red. Stokes and McGeough should also have seen reds during the game. The most embarrassing thing about the whole thing is the reaction to Lennon and the statements from the mouth breathers from Club 1872. I think we've established that we don't like Neil Lennon and he doesn't like us. But grown men, who have no doubt been giving him all sorts of shite from the kick off, to suddenly get on their high horse because he's turned round and given it a bit of the "get it right up you" back when they've equalised is utterly cringeworthy. If you're getting that upset about something like that, then you really have to take a long hard look at yourself. As for the statement. Club 1872 don't speak for me. They don't speak for a majority of Rangers fans, but they put out these statements as if they're speaking for all of us. f**k off. No one likes us We care about it very much.
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    Has Neil Lennon become the first manager to win at Ibrox with 2 different clubs since Ally McCoist?
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    "There's been an ear cupping"
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    It's amazing what you find online
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    Left Aberdeen for a start.
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    I love playing The Monkees while pumping the missus, and used to think she loved it as well. And then I saw her face.
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    Which *** was it protesting a bit too hard about Hibs being only a "mild irritation" to Rangers? A few days and shree goals later and we've got statements, petitions, religious conspiracies, complaints to the rozzers and 90% of the Rangers posters have lost their phones. Absolutely wonderful. Getting it bent right up these losers simply never gets less enjoyable.
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    Historically Rangers used to quite easily, and blatantly tap up players (from a Dundee point of view Nacho Novo was a prime example). The player would become unsettled, duly hand in a transfer request, and be sold to the **** for buttons. The Allan transfer however was a a comical failure by their idiot fans to understand their new place in the world. Fully expecting Hibs to complete cave in with the #handitin pish, only for Celtic to utterly slap them into place with a better offer for a player they didn't really need. Celtic signing Scotty Allan was little more than a firm reminder that whilst a biggish club by everyone else's standards, Celtic will absolutely boss them for years to come. The fact that the players Hibs got from Celtic as part of the deal were crucial in Hibs cup run and ultimate victory against the **** in the final was all the more delicious. As for Hibs, I genuinely have no idea how they can possibly troll Rangers to a greater degree. I thought the Cup Final was the ultimate demonstration of slapping the **** about on and off the pitch and couldn't ever be surpassed, but somehow Hibs did it on Saturday, strolling to victory at a largely seething Ibrox, with a couple of controversial refereeing decisions and Lennon baiting the poisonous home support in tremendous fashion. The fact that a league defeat in early season has already resulted in petitions, **** grassing Lennon up to the Police and general tears-everywhere stuff from them is wonderful. How are they going to cope when Celtic stick 5 past them again? What a time to be alive.
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    Love the guy or hate him, you need to believe that Neil Lennon has baws the size of grapefruits to turn to a stand of 15000 animals baying for his blood and cup the lugs. This is a guy who has been attacked on the touchline previously. And he's got tens of thousands of knuckle draggers only feet away who want him dead for the crime of being a Catholic from the failed statelet. So he winds them the f**k up. He pokes the fire. I'll be honest, I'd have been shiteing it. Dunno if it's bravery, stupidity or an unhealthy mix of both but my hat is off to the madman for such a brazen display of no giving a f**k.
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    Amongst all the hilarity it shouldn't be forgotten how much Rangers fans wanted to win this tie. It was everything to them. Dare I say it, more important than beating Celtic. That day at Hampden has haunted them every single waking minute since the event. They think of it when they're out for a pint, they think of it while they're screaming sectarian abuse, they think of it when they're beating their other halfs. It literally consumes them. This was their chance for a tiny bit of payback. They were going to make Ibrox a cauldron of noise and they wanted to see Hibs blood. Rangers fans wanted to physically harm Hibs fans and players yet they resort to a tear stained statement because a man cupped his ears. I mean look at what just scoring a goal against Hibs meant to these mutants.
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    David Attenborough once opined about a rare species: the 'grassing rattledsnake'... "Only one of its kind - this creature has found a way to post on an online Scottish football forum in order to blend in with their surroundings - using its own excrement as camouflage, this spineless predator inadvertently reveals itself to the other inhabitants of the forum as something to be avoided." This poster has accumulated so much crap in his time here that it is difficult to decide what incident is the worst... 1 | Reciting the time they kicked over a can of cider and ranted at its homeless consumer, in front of his child? 2 | Claiming to have scooped excrement from their backside, to throw at another person? 3 | Lobbying rival supporters via private messages, in order to get them to issue 'red dots' to a poster (@StandFree03)? 4 | Allegedly contacting @Bobby Skidmarks' employer, to complain about their conduct on an internet forum? 5 | Allegedly contacting posters to shit-stir about other posters' private lives? 6 | Allegedly finding out personal information about posters and posting it to others in private? 7 | Sending himself text messages, pretending to be a 'mate' called Tony, in an attempt to justify the stalking & defaming of the already infamous @Flybhoy? 8 | Replying to EVERYTHING? Despite all of that (and a permanent ban), they continue to smear their posts all over the forum. The epitome of shameless - An Idiot Aboard the good ship P&B, lingering like a bad smell; he's a turd that won't flush; one poo over the cuckoo's nest... It is, of course, none other than @8MileBU.
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    The fox had a choice of two stadia in close vicinity in which to pop its Earthly Coil. Even a fox wouldn't be seen dead at The Fruitbowl.
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    There's probably other threads related to this kind of topic but here goes.... Already this season in Scotland there has been some tremendous goals scored, through individual brilliance etc that if they were scored at Anfield or The Emirates folk would be salivating over them for yonks. In the two competetive games I've been to I've witnessed three fantastic goals - Spoony and O'Halloran for us at Killie and Edwards brilliant strike against us for Thistle. Seen highlights of the Tierney goal against Killie and the Dee player against United whose name i can't spell ha. What I'm saying is we really need to talk up our game....It's not nearly as bad as it's made out to be. I've been at enough games both sides of the border to have an imformed opinion that the difference in 'entertainment value' is negligible. It's certainly shinier down there, bigger crowds and in some cases a better atnosphere and there's obviously a gulf in skill levels etc but there's tonnes of tedious games in England as well.
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    The product isnt that bad, the marketing is atrocious.
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    Hopefully those around him understand his illness better than he understood the depression one of his young players was suffering from.
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    Mrs Romeo says shut the f**k up.
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    That is pretty simple m8. Most people call it a league table, though.
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    I've broken this down into 4 sections, pre, during, check out and post shop: Pre Shop c***s who park in the parent and child section without a child. c***s who abandon their car at the side of the car park lane at the ATM instead of using a space that is literally 10 seconds walk away. c***s who stop to chat at the entrance to the supermarket and block it for people who want to enter or exit. During Shop c***s who weave around in the aisles slowly when you're trying to get past them. c***s who abandon their trolleys at the end of an aisle to go up the aisle for produce c***s who abandon their trolleys at the side of an aisle and go over to the other side to get produce c***s who stop to chat in the middle, or at the end of an aisle and block people from passing. c***s who eat or drink stuff on the way around before paying for it c***s who emergency stop when walking instead of pulling into the side of an aisle to let people behind them go about their business c***s who run supermarkets deciding to move produce around willy nilly in an attempt to make you look for it and buy stuff you don't need, when previously you knew where everything was and had your route planned in your head. c***s who hover around the person marking down the reduced stuff like a crowd of stingy vultures blocking the aisle. c***s who take ages rummaging through the stuff to pick up a yoghurt holding you up from getting in to get what you want. c***s doing the home delivery shopping during normal shopping hours blocking aisles left right and centre with the fucking tank sized carts they use for it. Check out c***s who do not put down the next customer sign on the conveyor belt c***s who load their trolleys parallel to the check out instead of at the end of it thereby blocking you getting past with yours when you are at the adjacent check out c***s who put their cash on the check out instead of handing it to the check out person c***s who have dozens of vouchers and pull them all out at the very end and hand them over one by one c***s who get to the check out and have forgotten something, and hold you up while they despatch their co-shopped to get it, or worse, ask the check out assistant to get someone to get it for them c***s who pay in cash who try to count out the exact change taking eons to do so. c***s who have paid and then start a conversation with the check out assistant when there is a queue behind them c***s who hand over a sheaf of lottery tickets to be checked for winners. Check them yourself, c**t. Check out assistants who want to know how your day's been, or what you are up to for the rest of the day. f**k off nosey, I'm not a mystery shopper and don't care about your attitude. c***s offering to pack your bag for you whilst rattling a bucket for money under your nose. Check out assistants who scan your goods out of sequence, fucking up your packing strategy. ie, all the heavy stuff first, then the light stuff at the end. They scan out of order so you've got a loaf coming at you then a pack of onions, then a box of eggs, then a bag of potatoes. Scan it in the order I put it down, because that's the order I want to put it in the bags. Post Shop c***s who block the aisle from the check outs to the exit whilst they put away their purse, or check their receipt, or stop to chat with someone c***s trying to sell you double glazing at the exit. c***s who set off the alarm and stop at the exit to pull all their bags apart instead of moving to the side to sort it out c***s who block the trolley bay at the entrance to the store as they try to lift 8 bags of shopping out instead of just taking the trolley to their car, unloading it, and putting it in a bay. c***s who abandon trollies in the car park instead of returning it to their bay. c***s.
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    From twitter [emoji23]
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    Was that Club 1872s first draft?
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    @Kinky come out to play
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    Regardless of their no doubt good intentions, the parents allowed their case to get diverted into a pro-life, pseudo-scientific circus. For entirely factual scientific evidence as well as ordinary staff at GOS to be thrown under a bus as a result of their narrow issue. That's not actually acceptable behaviour, regardless of whether it's your child on the line or not. It's not morally justifiable to subject dozens of innocent people to vitriolic abuse and harassment in order to add a decimal point to your child's survival chances. Their indignation about GOS snubbing their final preparations rings hollow then. Thousands of parents face the same predicament every year and don't undermine a highly esteemed clinic in the process.
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    Mon Dieu! Say it once more and Hibeetledieuce will appear... In the meantime: the Vinny reaction .gif Time of posting: 22.33 Double two-three Three '2-3's in a row A treble of three-twos "Stokesy is a rebel - he's free to win the treble."
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    We are rangers, super rangers, no one likes us, post a statement
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    Dundee United are a fucking disgrace. It's as simple as that. No class and a shite support. Sometimes I like to watch Wightons goal on YouTube from the United end. A few glorious seconds where a man yells 'for f**k sake' in frustration and an old woman turns around in disbelief, with her hand over her mouth, unable to comprehend that she's just witnessed her team being blasted off into the abyss of Scottish football, much like the Xenomorph was blasted off into space at the end of Alien IV. And the Dees pushed the button. I watch that and I laugh a hearty laugh. GIRFUY darling. She's probably never been to a game since. To top it all off, the camera boy zooms in to Thompson and says 'this is all your fault'. I really have no idea how that footage hasn't won some sort of award. Glorious.
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    Weren't the **** defending lifelong fan Andy Halliday after he got sent off for celebrating with the GIRFUY at Morton? The best thing about **** at the present is that they are getting far more wound up about Hibs than they are about Celtic. They used to routinely body them and take all their best players, and now they aren't even on their level and it fucking hurts them so much. From the Scott Allan saga to the greatest cup final of them all, hibs just totally get under their skin and it showed with the reaction to the first goal. Them hiring the only person the **** hate more than goading and sensible business practices is the cherry on top of the cake. When they say that Hibs isn't a rivalry, they are spot on as it is far too one sided in favour of the M9s to care about the ****.
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    So now we're wasting police time because a bunch of blue nose gobshites want a guy that used to play for and manage Celtic jailed because he cupped his hands to his ears despite them hurling sectarian bile at him for most of the game? Seriously, just fuck off.
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    The Ultimate boardroom blunder.
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