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    Tucked away on the right-hand column of Page 71 of today's Sunday Mail is an article by Gordon Waddell that in my opinion should seriously alarm every Scottish football fan who believes in the fundamental principle of democracy in the professional game in this country. Basically, the long-trailed idea of (presumably) the bigger clubs, and especially Celtic and Rangers, being able to enter 'Colt' teams into the league structure is now coming much closer to reality via a formal proposal document which was circulated to all 42 senior clubs on Friday. I won't to go into much detail here, other than to add that it is understood that these 'Colt' clubs would initially enter the structure at Highland and Lowland League level and would be permitted to ascend only as far as League One. It is also believed that the costs involved would debar all but the two Glasgow clubs, although it is understood that Aberdeen and Hibs have also shown interest. I'll leave it there other than to add two things; if this idea comes into practice then my 57-year attachment to Scottish football in general and Dumbarton FC in particular will cease, and I will be contacting my club to actively encourage their opposition; secondly I would encourage others who feel strongly that the democratic principle of 'one club, one team' in Scottish league football must remain inviolate to also lobby their clubs on this issue.
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    ‪- Pretend McCann isn't coming‬ ‪- Bluff St Mirren into giving Jack Ross bigger budget‬ ‪- St Mirren Win League‬ ‪- Filth stay doon‬
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    At least when we get our next payslips we'll know just what they mean by NI contributions.
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    These incidents man, it's the same every time. Horrible injuries and deaths. People shouted down for suggesting it's Islam related. Folk throwing 'racist' around. Utter fucking cretins like Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins and their fans. 24 hr news and the Media's reaction, endangering lives for a scoop and advertiser cash. Morons on social media with their 'stay safe' and ' I was in London 6 months ago, could have been me' pish. Usual empty words from the politicians. Rinse and repeat. When the f**k are we as a society going to grow up and have a proper conversation about topics like foreign policy, immigration, security and terrorism. A conversation that provides solutions rather than shouting 'racist' or 'send them all back'.
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    I mind that game. I played upfront for Aberdeen, despite only being 9. My strike partner was Ronaldo (the original one). Paul Nuttal played in goals and Gordon Ramsey was on the wing for Linfield (Old Rangers had loaned him to them for this game). As I recall we were trailing going in to the 4th quarter, but I scored a 3 pointer to level things up. This took us in to overtime, but disaster struck when we lost a man to the sin bin and Linfield, sensing the win, brought on guys for the power play. However we held on, including a great sack of the quarter back, an so it went to penalties, which we won 77-76 when Penenka scored the winner in sudden, sudden, sudden, sudden, sudden death I still have the Superbowl ring from that game.
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    Britain has by far the most right-wing press in Europe, and while they don't write headlines such as 'all Moslems are evil', they have set a narrative for years now which allows the uninformed to come to a conclusion that Moslems should be in equal measures, feared and despised. A month ago, a Daily Mail columnist was talking about internment and 'final solutions' . The influence of this media has led to Brexit, where foreigners are blamed for all the UK's evils. And it has led to a far more divisive society, where fairly extreme right-wing views are now becoming the norm. What a f*cking cesspit of a country the UK is.
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    The information about the background of the Manchester bomber which emerged in the days following should have been unsurvivable politically for Theresa May, given her position as Home Secretary during the Libyan conflict. This makes it even more sickening seeing her rolled out and telling us what needs to be done to prevent such attacks in the future. There was one thing May said that I agreed with, but not in the way she intended - that we are too tolerant of extremism. Yes we are Theresa, at government and diplomatic level. We all know where this ideology comes from, who funds the preaching of it around the world, and who directly supports the groups running about the Middle East inspiring these attacks. But we will continue to ignore it and keep the lucrative alliances ticking over. When a million people marching through London isn't enough, you wonder if it will ever get to the stage where public pressure can force a genuine rethink of our foreign policy. Especially when it's so interconnected with our allies' own ambitions. In an ideal world without such complications, we'd stop supporting foreign conflicts, offer assistance in the rebuilding of the various countries we've played a part in destroying, thus allowing displaced populations to return, which would also give the hopeless, easily-radicalised local populations a purpose in life and decimate the recruitment base for any lingering militant groups. This isn't in anyone's interests though. Well, apart from the hundreds of millions of normal people who would end up safer as a result.
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    Already on it. Thank you.
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    I heard three pretty tidy cabin crew workers on the Glasgow Airport bus(oops, is there a bus thread?) and I'm pretty sure they were summing me up "Yeah?" "Nah" "Hmmm" Followed by "Maybe" "No" "NAW" Both agreed it was a Naw as I got closer, and closer to my seat. I was delighted to even been in contention, a bit like the wildcard at Wimbledon getting papped out in the first round 6-1, 6-0, 6-0.
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    One of those memories that never leaves you. It was half time at Gayfield and Tosh was a sub. We were making our way back from the pie stall, young whippersnappers fulla beer and bantz. Moonster flung a couple of harmless shouts in Tosh's direction, something along the lines of "yer shite Tosh" and he just completely lost the heid. Came bounding over shouting all sorts and asking Moonster to meet him in the car park after the game. He could barely respond through the laughter. Tosh makes his way to the edge of the penalty box and unleashes an absolute ripper of a shot in Moonster's direction just as he's taking a bite of his fresh pie... BOOM! Hot grease and cow udder splattered all over his wee shocked face.
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    Over the last week, I've been going back and forth on something in my head. I want to endorse Corbyn and a Labour government so despite never voting Labour in my life, I have felt the temptation to give them my vote with the main aim of increasing the popular vote and not being too worried if my constituency went SNP or Labour. I looked up my Labour candidate and he doesn't seem to be a seething SNP BAAAAAD Britnat (from limited online information) so I come round to the idea that I could give him my vote. Yesterday - this changed. Driving into Perth and approaching the Broxden roundabout, BBC Scotland aired a party political broadcast. A softly spoken female voice gave a sentence talking about division and poor governance in the country. I felt calm and reassured in the knowledge of the unity behind the feeling to remove this utterly toxic government from power but as I dropped into third gear, the words 'Vote Labour to send Nicola Sturgeon a strong message that Scotland does not want a second referendum' clarified the subject of the previous words and, for the first time all day, I felt a real anger that was sufficient for me to forget my route and continue straight on towards the Inveralmond roundabout (as opposed to turning right to Perth). It's fucking disgraceful that in a UK election, Labour in Scotland treat us like fucking idiots by focusing the energy of all their attacks all on a party who is politically pretty similar to them and then disrespect the electorate by bringing up devolved issues which aren't being voted on in this election. I don't expect them to suddenly support independence or stop opposing it but it'd be good for them to maybe focus on the bigger picture and not be so unnecessarily hostile to sections of the public that would actually be sympathetic to vote for them. The party leadership in Scotland are absolutely pathetic and have achieved nothing of note with 24 seats in a hung parliament despite the Green's managing to influence policy with only 6. As an opposition, they are woeful at ever pressuring any sort of meaningful change and Kezia spends significant amounts of her timing winging to the First Minister that some bullies have made fun of her or one of her useless colleagues on social media. I could say that previous leaders have maybe been hapless and sown the seeds for some of what we've seen but being kind hearted, I could give almost all of them some sort of mitigating circumstance and think a lot of them were naturally in really tough times for the party so found it much harder to come up with some sort of cohesive strategy. This is the first time I've felt that the sabotage may be intentional by the figures involved. Kezia is just happy enough to stick around before she gets a job in the US and the rest of the hierarchy are just happy to have something small left after what has happened to their colleagues; content to spend their dying days despising the SNP for having the audacity in wanting to run the country.
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    They are a detestable government. Folk asking for justice, they won't get it. Guaranteed to get a "Judge led Public Enquiry" where lessons will be learned resulting in a legion of minimum wage kids on zero hours contracts fitting sprinklers before getting told to bugger off back to their hovels. Meanwhile the bloody coward of a Prime Minister hides in session with a bunch of bigoted homophobes before sacrificing a goat, so Her Majesty The Queen can tell us about the next round of strong and stable austerity cuts whilst wearing the world's most expensive hat. Anyone who puts X on a ballot paper beside a Tory should take a right good look at themselves. Never mind, we can spend our money on WMDs so we can turn millions of random strangers into Pompeii exhibits, rather than give people decent homes where they can live without the danger of being reduced to a pile of fag ash.
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    I fucking hate hibs fans on here.
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    The GSTQ booing was fantastic, if anything it's disappointing the Scotland players and coaching staff never joined in.
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    Had 3 years left on a majority, risked it all by calling an election she claimed she'd never call, hid for the duration of said election before losing the majority she had. Now she's relying on some extras from a 17th century period drama to prop up her lame duck administration. Gotta be one of the most monumental political f**k ups of all time
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    Angus Robertson a whopping £41k! Scandalous! I can only assume the 3 non-SNP MP's claimed significantly less in the same period? Alistair Carmichael £47k Ian Murray £49k David Mundell £50k Oh, I see.
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    Their first album was okay, but Justin Hawkins' voice got on your tits after a while.
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    Sunday MorningUp with the larkThe DABs got beatat New Douglas ParkMy, my, my...What a beautiful day!!!
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    On a packed train a few years back, travelling from Glasgow to Aberdeen, two young women with pushchairs in hand, were stood at the carriage doors. They had really, really loud Mancunian accents. They never drew breath from Glasgow to Dundee. Talking mundane shit and bitching about people they knew while there kids were screaming and running amok. When we reached Dundee, one of the brats asked, "Can we get off here mummy?" The mother replied, " Why would we want to get here,when we are going to Arbroath?" A business type sitting sitting opposite me, said in a booming voice, "If we had a collection, would you get off?" I laughed. The women glowered in my direction, shrieking, "Who the f**k said that?" They spent the remainder of their journey cursing us. When they got off with a final scream of, "b*****ds!" The folk in the carriage began to laugh. I shook the lads hand opposite and told him that was the funniest thing I'd ever witnessed.
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    " A heart warming rags to riches story " - The Dundee Courier " Stunning, an absolute triumph " - The Edinburgh Evening News " Creepy as f**k " - The Pie & Bovril forum
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    I think the term Monster Raving Proddy Party pretty much covers it.
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    Last night Scotland Under-20's beat Brazil 1-0 at the Toulon tournament, a very highly regarded competition. Beating the Brazilians at any level is a massive achievement for us yet every time I've checked the BBC website last night or today the headline feature has been an Old Firm puff piece or a bit about a player in the English 2nd Division crawling to his new manager. The match report has been moved all over the place. What an utter disgrace. That result and report should have led the way until tomorrow given f**k all else is happening in Scottish senior football at the moment. They were handed a rare opportunity to promote Scottish football and they've shoved it to one side to further promote their beloved bigots instead. Soul destroying doesn't even start to cover it.
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    Zen Archer really is fucking dreadful.
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    Consecutive relegations
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    It's escalated... But now it gets interesting Job done! And the Tories take their ball home...
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    You're what is known as a fucking gimp then.
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    The Dundee fans have a point, tbh. I'd much rather we appointed an untested Sky Sports pundit as manager instead.
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    I'd say that over the two matches we definitely deserved to stay up. Considering the state of our defence in both games (especially today), for United not to score is pretty telling (penalty claim or not). Proud of the players for the fight and commitment showed, especially Imrie who probably shouldn't have played. He seems to thrive off the abuse he gets and the guy would run through brick walls for the team. Was worried about missing MacKinnon but Docherty and the rest really stepped up. Gogic and Skondras deserve praise as well. Hard luck to United. I'm sure you'll come up one way or the other next season @stumigoo = good guy. A big GIRFUY to all the crowd wankers on here and various other forums but especially to guys in the media like Preston, Young etc. I love my wee club, and the fact that we've upset so many by staying up is extremely pleasing. Two stands and a gazebo:
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    Scotland all over. I'm convinced the day after we gain independence, mankind will discover a planet destroying asteroid heading towards us.. It's like the universe has to re balance itself.
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    Coco the Clown has stepped down as Chairman. Almost as good as a new signing.
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    I was given Dunfermline Athletic Football club for my work experience. Even as a Cowden fan I was quite excited to see behind the scenes at a football club - was going to be in the ticket office etc and helping out on a match day (I think back then they were in the top flight). 2 days before I was meant to go the club cancelled and they couldn't get me anything else. I was the only person in my year who didn't have a work experience to go to. 2 weeks of school (half the students went away one week and the rest the next) with barely any classmates was utter shit. The second week the teachers were obviously wanting to teach the stuff they taught the week before but had to give me extra work to do. This experience only furthered my hate for The Pars. Not only are they debt dodging b***ards but they also ruined my professional development and probably shaped me into the useless bitter shell of a man I am today.
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    Apparently they don't know as in some cases whole families with no other ties in this country may be dead. They also don't know who was visiting or if folk were out who haven't checked in etc. I'm calling bullshit on that at least partly. If it is social housing they will have a rough idea who should be there. Also if it was my house and I had been out somewhere that night I might have thought the Polis or someone would be interested in knowing. Estimates I have seen are 600 odd folk live there. I assume somebody somewhere is finding out how many are safe. Given the time of day it happened it really doesn't bare thinking about how many could be dead. I don't tend to get massively angry about terrorist stuff because whilst it's probably preventable to some extent - the causes are massively complex , exacerbated by mentally ill young men - who if not dead already would be subject to decades in jail. Stuff like this gets me utterly seething as its wholly preventable and the people who create the conditions that make it happen aren't diposessed, angry, confused or misled. They are incredibly wealthy people, looking to get more wealthy and even know they get caught out with something like this will get away with it.
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    Baby Bairnardo #2 out the sunroof this afternoon. Healthy wee lassie! All is well!!! Buzzing.
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    Even if Corbyn did somehow manage to get elected, it would only be a matter of time before England would resume it's obsession with voting Tory. Five years down the line and we are again stuck with the c***s dismantling any progress that has been made, brutalising the defenceless and giving out tax breaks to those that need them least, and selling off our national assets on the cheap to their mates. Independence is the only way to guarantee that Scotland always gets the government it wants. Until that happens, it has to be SNP.
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    Sunday Morning Up with the lark Cones will be flying at New Douglas Park My, my, my What a beautiful day...