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    The absolute state of Celtic fans
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    I think Scottish football is in a pretty decent place at the moment. We already play a season from July to May, and summer football would create havoc when it came to postponed fixtures - games called off now can be played on April evenings, games called off in September/October could face multiple call offs. That's before you get to the stage where we are forced into shopping centres in the most miserable months of the year, and the mess with transfer windows. I hate the idea that summer football would appeal to the English. Who cares about them watching? Why should we build our league around armchair fans from a different country? It's a complete inferiority complex we seem to have. Scottish football should be what's best for the clubs up here and their fans. Not David, 41, 'Arsenal fan' from Solihull who has been to about 7 live football matches in his life. Certainly our team this season is better than last season, and the season before. I can say that honestly. I'd imagine Partick Thistle fans would agree, so too Aberdeen fans. Livingston fans would, Alloa maybe too. Some teams have a good squad by their standards this year, some don't. That's football. Every club being full-time is nothing like feasible. All that will do is kill clubs and turn players away from the game. You say that it will improve things, but then say that it's because you watched two poor games this weekend featuring 3 full-time teams, and 1 hybrid p/t f/t team. Imagine telling guys to give up their day job to play football full-time for us for about £300 a week. Never going to happen. This reads like a Daily Record piece about the armageddon we faced when Rangers collapsed. The Championship has been exciting this year, the battle at the bottom especially. In fact every single club from the Championship to League 2 still has a mathematical chance (however slim) of either going up, or going down. That says to me that things are pretty good.
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    'Rodgers is looking up to the way Tommy burns' I think I've read that right...
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    This: ¢AS∦ 8282.×Ɣẑ #소액결제 현금화 #컬쳐문화상품권 현금교환 #소액결재현금화 #소액결재 #소액결제현금화 #소액결제 #휴대폰소액 #휴대폰소액결제 현금화 #휴대폰 소액현금화 #컬쳐문화상품권 #스마트 행복한매입,신속한입금,365일 연중무휴,365일 연중무휴 친절한상담 모바일 상품권 / 휴대폰 소액결제 안전매입
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    Anyway to clear up the grimbo situation that covers all bases there is this ballad called - 'tae a cat' G'bo had a little cat its fur was white as snow but after Grimmy's house burnt down the cat turned into coal. where once the feline purred an meowed and licked it's white coat whispy oor grimbo fancied a Russian cruise so turned the poor c**t crispy
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    Feel a bit sorry for the decent Morton fans that the actions of one or two have resulted in the entire board laughing their tits off at this absolute spitroasting by their rivals.
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    Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance
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    Thank you, thank you all. I know it's a while until GTF day but I've got a few people I'd like to thank; Falkirk - our nemesis, the joker to our batman, the Alex Baldwin to our Ken Barlow, I've found a few of their supporters over the years to be incredibly torn faced bitter moaning c***s who seem obsessed with our ticket prices (yes Gav, you) however majority of fans are m8.75's and as long as you get rid of that baldy c**t as manager, wish you nothing but good fortune and prosperity. Dundee United - irrelevant dayglo shite, up the HiDees. Greenock Morton - very impressed at how you've made it quite difficult for us at times, like the laddie Quitongo and VT is always good for a laugh. Will miss standing on the WDE but won't miss queuing at that shitey caravan for food. Ayr United - meh, look after Farid. Raith Rovers - always liked Raith despite your stadium layout annoying me however the moment you appointed the pishy drinker Locke and subsequently signed that beak faced rodent, I've wished you eternal damnation. This hasn't changed. You serve Bovril in polystyrene cups also, fucks that all about? Queen of the South - nice friendly club, lovely wee ground and one of my good mates is a doonhamer. Having the über *** Lyle isn't a good thing however you also have Dobbie and wee Danny Carmichael. That's really all I've got for you guys. St. Mirren - the Maureen's, the BOO champions, wanted you down and out for having the temerity to have a slavering arsehole like Alex Rae as a manager HOWEVER you have also provided us with one of the best players in world football in SJM. Also like the fact that your manager got punted (ALLEGEDLY) for dipping the Hearts physio, kudos. Glad you've hit form and are on the way up, keep it going buddies. Dunfermline Athletic - probably my favourite away day. Just over the bridge, an array of lovely community style pubs (Coady's especially) and let's not even forget to mention the utterly gorgeous steak bridies that are just sensational. Don't like your signing policy recently (Higginbotham is an ugly p***k and would fight his shadow) however you do have Sean Murdoch who's a Hibby so swings and roundabouts. Love to see you in the top flight again soon. Finally, our love, our one stand wonders, the Sons to our Hiberni, Dumbarton Football Club. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd begin to care so highly about this side but by god I do. Your stadium will forever hold special memories for me as it was the first away ground my son visited (King Dom hattie in a 6-3 win) and you'd think given that it was November, freezing cold and open to the elements that I would've wished the game away to come home but no, in that stadium I felt at home. Yes you've signed Nade however, are any of us really perfect? You've had Sammy for almost a year and not to mention now have the handsome Lewy Vaughan in your ranks. You guys keep punching above your weight, fighting the good side and show that good things come to good people. Your fans are a credit to your club (apart from the one that bumps his laddie on his birthday to get on the lager) and I will miss you all dearly. God bless Stevie Aitken, good bless the HiberniSons and god bless Dumbarton Football Club.
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    It's about this time of year each year I start a thread to check out what's confirmed, what's not and who needs to do what to clinch something, updated weekly. A bit more complicated than normal this year with the bottom of the table so tight but here goes................... Results from Saturday April 1st: Dumbarton 1 - 0 Morton Dunfermline 1 - 1 Hibernian Falkirk 1 - 0 Raith Rovers Queen of the South 4 - 2 Dundee United St Mirren 6 - 2 Ayr United League Title Destined for Easter Road. Not even Hibs can 'Hibs it' from here surely? Falkirk's relatively late win yesterday kept them honest for another week or two but they are almost there. 68 points at the moment to formally win it though with goal difference in fact 67 would do. They could effectively win it by next midweek with a win at Morton on Saturday, a Falkirk loss at Tannadice and then Morton not winning against St Mirren the following midweek. In practice they will probably win it against us at Easter Road on Easter weekend. Promotion Playoffs More or less a done deal. Queen of the South and Dunfermline can both get 54 points which means Falkirk need 3 more points to clinch and Morton need 5. In practice I imagine both have already got enough points. Neither Dunfermline nor us are going to win all their remaining games. Dundee United's form is awful with only two wins since New Year but they will probably still make it into the playoffs. An eight point advantage with just 5 weeks to go will not be bridged. They can more or less finish it by beating Falkirk and Dunfermline in the next 10 days and their fixture list beyond that isn't too unkind either. Relegation Looked a done deal just a couple of months ago but St Mirren's post January form is excellent and they are making a real fight of it now, most recently with a 6-2 battering of their closest rivals Ayr. Looks like this will go to the wire. St Mirren sit top of the current form tables with one defeat in eight but they have all of the top four to play away from home within their last 6 games. It looks crucial that they can beat Dumbarton and Raith in their remaining home games. However, at only a point behind Ayr, with all the momentum and a much better goal difference, not going down automatically looks a good bet. Relegation Playoff With things so tight at the bottom it pretty much has to be looked at in tandem with the relegation position at the moment. As close as it is down there. it's unlikely anyone is going to be in the bottom two with 39 points so QoS win over Dundee United yesterday has just about got them safe. Whilst I expect all the bottom sides will pick up the odd unexpected point in the run in, especially after the top four clinch their places, it's the head to heads involving the bottom 4 or 5 that will be vital. There's pretty much one every week starting with Dunfermline v Raith this weekend. A Pars win probably takes them out of it and leaves Raith in big trouble. A Raith win on the other hand would leave Dunfermline very much in the mix. St Mirren v Dumbarton this weekend is also massive. In the closing weeks, St Mirren v Raith and then Raith v Ayr look potentially massive games. Fixtures for Saturday 8th April: Ayr United v Queen of the South Dundee United v Falkirk Dunfermline Athletic v Raith Rovers Morton v Hibernian St Mirren v Dumbarton There's not much meaningless in there! The game with least riding on it is probably at Tannadice but with Falkirk and Morton still very much battling for 2nd and United in such bad form it's still a big game. Ayr really must get something from us to move themselves out of the relegation zone with their other four games being against Hibs, Dundee United and Morton before that potentially massive Raith game in the final week. The Fife derby is never meaningless and it's huge especially for Raith at the moment. St Mirren might potentially get themselves out of the bottom spot for the first time since August but Dumbarton might just about get themselves safe with a win in Paisley. And then there's Duffy v Lennon Part Deux!
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    Yes lads, I've just had a look through my old laptop (I use it exclusively for playing a Football Manager 2010 save game with Arsenal (currently in the year 2093) and watching videos) and I've found it. It was first posted in June 2009 and, reading it back, this was surely a knotty period for even someone with Kilt's lifestyle: Nick (White Witch = Good Guy)
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    Who has the last laugh though.... Got made redundant last week cause of the low oil price, no c**t will be taking the piss out of me at work on Monday! GIRFUY!
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    First of all, I realised I cocked up my username after I'd made it. Secondly of all, thank you all so much for your kind words about the passing of my father, Campbell Smith. I have been tearing up reading them all. Dumbarton football club was his life! When I was a bairn he was a steward at bigheeded and used to take me down every week. He was placed at the top of the stairs of the main stand so he could watch all of the match. He got me selling programmes and earning a few quid every week at the old ground. When the move to the rock happened, we missed the first match because we were in Florida but we were back for the following. After a while, presumably because he then had to work with his back to the game, he chucked being a steward to become a full time fan again like he was when he was a boy going with his grandfather. He took my sister, Kerry, down to the matches, but she was only interested in playing dolls with her cousin, Alison. I moved away in 2014 and started comibg to the matches for a few months before I left so I can spend a few weekends drinking beer and wawashing the sons with the old man and I've been to a few since I got back. I'll be taking up his season ticket for the remainder of the season so deepest apologies to Robert, katrina and the bankie in front for the shite banter you're gonna have to hear for the next few weeks! A special thank you to the club for the kind tribute on the Web page today as well. Thank you all. Reading these does help a lot with what we're going through at the moment which has been frankly awful. He was an amazing man, father, husband, friend and my personal hero who I will never forget! See you all very soon from Sean M72! Sean Smith
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    The second worst thing about WaffenThinMint is his startling lack of self awareness. Obviously the worst thing is that he surgically removes the faces of his female victims and wears them as a mask while murdering children.
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    Imagine claiming to be a Labour supporter but somehow managing to get yourself more worked up about the socially democratic SNP supporting an independence referendum than the increasingly right-wing Tories' enthusiasm for the rape clause and welfare reforms that are driving people to their graves. Utterly bizarre.
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    Normal service has resumed, Morton are back taking the Paisley dick again, all 4 inches of it. See you next season cuntos.
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    Neil McCann has previous for answering the emergency hotline and sorting shit out for Dundee. We've grabbed him out the telly and thrust him into the midst of a crisis with teckle results before, and as such his appointment as Big Chief at Dens makes absolute perfect sense. Good luck, Neil McCann. As an aside, Neil "Big Chief" McCann has a reputation as a top shagger. There's no denying he's a suave looking c**t. Those suits he rocks on the telly aren't from Primark, they are at least from an M&S outlet store and possibly even Slaters. Well dressed is well prepared, aye. Rumour has it that he pumped half of Edinburgh when he played for Herts. I personally ken seven people from the nation's capital and five of them admit to taking a length off the Big Chief. Two of them are straight males. One is mildly disabled. Neil McCann doesn't give a f**k. Dundee FC: Staying up.
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    If you think that's bad 55% of Scots thing we're better as part of the UK
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    Aspiration. The Tories talk up aspiration as if the desired outcome of it is something everyone can achieve if they just work hard enough, and maybe risk a bit. But it's the same bullshit as buying a lottery ticket. A tiny few will rise to the very top and gain untold wealth. For every Richard Branson there's 20 daft c***s who lost their life savings on shares in Betamax. Huge, almost unmeasurable, amounts of people won't. But hey, buy a lottery ticket, because you never know...........and take these loans, take as much as you want and buy some of those shiny things that you like. Pay us (I mean our friends, hell - who am I kidding....pay us!!) back at £50 a week........for ever....but hey, that's better than the £2000 it would cost you now, surely?! ... and see that little bit of shit that you do have, the lefties want to take some of that shit and give it to people that hate you and want to kill you. So vote for the Tories, because even though your shit is shit, and we made it shit, by selling off the public companies (that were built on the toil and taxes of everyone in the country) to our pals, we'll let you keep that shit. Well some of it. We do want some of that shit, but we'll tell you about that later. Read this paper. In fact read any one of these 9 papers. Just don't read the other 1. Because it's a fringe, lefty, militant, mentalist paper filled with conspiracy theories. 9 of us say so. That's a huge majority, so how can we be wrong? The working classes (sometimes) vote Tory because they are told, from all conceivable angles, that the alternative is so extreme and outwith reason that they would be stupid to. No-one wants to feel stupid, so they do what they are told, and believe that they have done the right thing, because "intellectuals" do the same thing. There are other reasons.
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    What is it with Tories and fucking the disabled?
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    That's 3 resigned now, 29 MP's under investigation for electoral fraud and a candidate actively telling people not to vote for him because he's been made to stand. Ruth Davidson's getting pictured on a mobility vehicle to take the disabled up hills (for £50) while the Tories remove disability cars from the disabled. In her eyes the rapeclause is SNPbad. She's campaigning in Scotland on a no to indyref2 ticket, in complete bare faced contradiction to her 2015 campaign and the bullshit rhetoric of the SNP never shutting up about the independence referendum. Theresa May won't debate, be interviewed or answer questions from, well, anyone as far as I can see. The only policy from them so far is to get rid of the triple lock on pensions and raise tax and NI. Again, complete u-turns on the last general election manifesto. According to May she needs a strong majority in the commons to support Brexit (cough...stifle dissent....cough) - not a single Brexit vote has been lost or has even been threatened. And yet here we are. A pissing contest over who would press the button to wipe out millions of people. That is the thing that makes May a strong, committed leader and the conservatives the only choice for stable government according to our wonderful commentators. There's a reason why Tory voters have to spend all their time either justifying it, denying it, or hiding it.
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    Paul Hartley will achieve more in his career than Alex Neil.
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    In 1975, I was catching the London train from Crewe station. It was very crowded; I found myself in a last-minute rush for the one remaining seat with a tall, good-looking man with collar-length hair. It was the seventies; buckaroo! When I sat down on the chair, I looked up and realised it was none other than Peter Purves. It was the height of his Blue Peter fame. He said, "You jammy b*****d!" and quick as a flash, I replied, "Don't be blue, Peter!" Needless to say, I had the last laugh.
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    I'd like to think I'm pretty reasonable, as football fans go. I'm not reactionary. That, however, was fucking embarrassing. Genuinely angry that a series of individuals and events have conspired to see those eleven men out on a pitch under a banner of Raith Rovers, masquerading as a football team. £17 to see players make elementary mistakes, that would infuriate a childrens' coach, time and time again. This may sound self-indulgent, and it may be self-indulgent, but I honestly believe the Rovers support are owed an apology. Eric Drysdale keeps urging people to come and watch the Rovers. If I invited someone round to watch that game on the telly I'd apologise to them before they went home, and I'm not the one responsible for the whole fucking charade. As a whole, the Rovers support have been incredibly supportive of the players this season, if not always the previous manager. Previous squads have had a lot more flak for a lot better performances. Make no mistake, there have been worse teams in this club's history, but I'm not sure there's ever been one that's so pathetic. The responsibility, ultimately, lies with the board, and the 'Chief Executive' who has sculpted this horrible season with an almost incisive incompetence. He must either present a radically different plan for the future, or step aside so someone else can.
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    2 Andy Gorams.... ^^^^^ 4 of this guy
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    Mini-Dindy has arrived, she was 9 lbs 7 so it was no wonder it took a while.
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    Imagine what sort of fucking weirdo you'd have to be to prefer perpetual Conservative government from England over Scotland running its own affairs. Absolute mind cripples.
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    Honestly reading these back #sillyoldsausage
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    Thanks, I like you too. It is a fact that all of those things will happen as a result of brexit. Also if you honestly want the tories to have full control over workers rights, maternity pay etc and believe they wont act in the best interest of big business to shaft the working man you've obviously not being paying much attention to what they've been doing over the last 7 years. Also I have some magic beans you may want to buy? Im perfectly aware of what brexit voters think, 'take back control' 'spend money on the NHS' 'control immigration' 'bendy bananas' 'are country'. But yeh having actually looked into the facts of the matter and being fully aware of what the EU does for the people of this country (albeit I believe there were things which required change) I think on the whole I am right and the brexit voters are wrong. But dont take my word for it, have a look at what has happened so far; Leave won and said 'we'll get a better trade deal with the world' the EU has said that any new trade deal will not be on favourable terms and they hold the bargaining chips, the rest of the world has said they are in no rush to start trade negotiation talks with the UK, even members of 'Commonwealth mk2' including Australia are actually making moves to invest in Ireland as they realise Brexit is a disaster. The causal effect of not having a trade agreement is the imposition of WTO tariffs for trade until one is in place, ultimately this means everything you buy from a foreign country ie the EU goes from having no tariff to having WTO tariff rates on top of the price, If you can show me some way that buying a car from Germany currently within the free market is more expensive than buying the same car with WTO tariffs post brexit without a trade deal then I'll give you the car myself, you can put a union jack sticker in the back and call it the brexit mobile if you want. The Americans are actively seeking to make inroads into privatising the NHS (you may have been too busy finger painting when Jeremy Hunt was over in the states after the vote actively touting this). The EU member states are pishing themselves laughing at the knuckle dragging snake oil buying drum banging Brexiters who have caused this mess. Economic experts (thats people who are good at economics) all agree this is a terrible move. Banks in the city of London are actively looking to move out of the country, removing wealth, relocating, JP morgan actively seeking office space in Dublin as we speak amongst others. Its likely that to get a trade deal with the EU we'll have to accept continued movement of people (thats not something that bothers me in the slightest, we need it) which i'm pretty sure was the corner stone of the entire brexit debate for most? So we're now in a position where people voted for something thinking they'd get more control over immigration but have voted to take us away from the body which will shape immigration policy and remove any influence we have over it? But f**k it we've taken back control. I personally know of a girl who works with David Davis in the civil service, on his first day (keep in mind that this is one of the heads of the leave campaign) had to be given a three hour lecture by an academic as to what the EU actually does. So yes I do think I'm pretty relaxed in thinking I know a little bit more about politics than some others, not an expert but hey it would seem anyone who's done a class in international relations at Uni knows more about the mechanisms of the EU than the minister in charge of negotiating the actual exit from it. You accuse me of believing that i'm intellectually superior to 17million people, in a population of approx 60 million people thats not exactly a huge boast is it? Its not how I feel, I know nothing about electrics and plumbing but im sure 17million people in the UK know more about one particular subject than me, I just think when it comes to politics namely brexit I've never been moved to concede that I'm wrong through reasoned debate. And thats not to say I actually believe that, It just so happens I have a pretty strong belief (which I can approach with as you'll see above a reasoned and not hysterical brit nat brexit foam at the mouth madness mentality) that leaving the EU is a very bad move for the UK. See this is possibly where you get confused, when Nigel et al parked their bus I went away and looked to see if there was any basis in what they were saying, and ultimately I found there was none, thats called research, I get that its probably easier for you to just believe what the daily mail tells you, but I prefer to do my own thinking. You accuse me of being unable to distinguish my opinions from fact, the problem is I form my opinions from facts. Anyway the sun's going down so you'll probably be away sacrificing something in the hope that it'll rise tomorrow. Have a good night.
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    Oh they sang about the IRA, let's sing hello hello and claim moral superiority. Aye, good one. Here's an idea, we don't act like dicks then complain. You're stuck with your football team but fucking hell it can be shit sometimes.
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    Sinclair goaded him into it by being openly black.
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    You are slowly but surely morphing into one of the worst human beings I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. If you are trolling, you need to get a grip. If the above is your actual, factual opinion - f**k me. It might not fit your embittered, entitled agenda, but there is no doubt that Tory policies ARE killing people. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/john-wight/tory-welfare-policy-is-killing-people_b_8053290.html http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2017/03/12/this-is-how-the-tory-disability-assessments-are-killing-people/ https://www.commonspace.scot/articles/10803/fiona-robertson-voting-tory-ge17-vote-kill-people-me-and-you-need-know-why https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/oct/01/tory-vilifcation-disabled-sick-george-osborne http://www.welfareweekly.com/welfare-reform-is-killing-people-but-the-tory-press-doesnt-want-you-to-know/ http://www.intmensorg.info/atosmurders.htm Now, as we all know, Oaksoft is gonna Oaksoft. You'll deride the above links, twisting a few of the quotes and you'll get angry at my audacity for posting these links. So, puttng on my most skeptical hat, even f you take away some deaths for natural causes and other reasons, there are still many, many people dying AS A DIRECT RESULT OF THIS TORY GOVERNMENT. And, as alien a concept as it is to someone like you whose compassion doesn't go beyond their own house, people DO care about other people. Some people find it sickening that a woman drowns herself after being found fit for work. Some people care about the fact that in the 21st century, this Government can sanction someone's benefits, leaving them penniless and unable to afford food or electricity, leading to their death. Some people think it is genuinely horrendous that someone with diabetes cannot afford the electricity to keep their insulin refrigerated, due to benefits being stopped. Some people are genuinely disgusted that a man with a variety of heart disease and angina problems was found fit for work at an ATOS assessment and the stress of the process, according to his widow, brought on a fatal heart attack. All these and more can be found here: http://calumslist.org/ So yes, people do actually genuinely care about other people. Specifically when it is vulnerable people being kicked when they're down and having nowhere else to turn. It's not being a snowflake or a loony leftie, it's genuine compassion. I fully expect you and your wee cabal of psuedo-right wing sociopaths on here to decry this as a "rant" and perhaps it is, but some things are worth ranting about.
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    So you made up a story because someone was winding you up on the internet? What else would you resort to? Emailing an employer for example?
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    Why on earth would Bennett's opinion on anything, let alone racism, hold any credence? We're talking about a man who uses the abuse of children to point score. He has the moral compass of a sewer rat. Utter, utter fucking scumbag of a human being.
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    Can anyone confirm what songs are playing on the tannoy?