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    That was just how I like my ***s: 'Well Done.
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    By popular demand (and excellent, and luckily, plentiful supply) the Tennents Lager Appreciation society is born. As had been touched upon various times across various threads, it’s somewhat ‘in’ or ‘cool’ to dislike Tennents. Well good, those fuckwits can f**k off and good people like us will swally the swally of true heroes. In most pubs, usually cheaper than other lagers on the tap and almost always the best selling, the choice of the thinking man is tennents. Feel free to add your homages, negativity is neither wanted nor welcome.
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    When I received the Pre-warning PM from Miguel this morning to say I would be tonight's entry my jaw hit the top button of my polo shirt. My earliest thought - inspired by the strong leadership of Prime Minister Rajoy - was to declare the vote null and void, but after cancelling work I decided to look for the positives. 1. What you see from the attached names is the evolution of a poster from a boy of a poster to a poster boy. From a poster red dotted more frequently than Lisa Cuddy's Andrex during rag week to a green machine with posting goals, focus and a clear direction of travel. 2. Next I looked back at the Best posters in history thread - where I came 21st. Which gives me a net approval rating of +11. Revisiting Marshy's thread after chewing my way through Miguel's write up also provided me with a new found love of well written English. 3. I've gained a new friend in @D.A.F.C. Looking at his reputation:output ratio I've been pedestaled alongside an excellent forum member. 4. Then I thought about what 8 points really means. Well for starters it's 5 more points than I hold on my full UK driving Licence. We're moving into frost season, my favourite season on the roads. I've got some Hankook's on the front with a full 8 mm of tread. It's gonna be slippy out there for the angry overdraft-merchants pedaling their way to work! 5. Lastly I feel the need to say that I wish to distance myself from the nasty vitriolic comments I received. Bullying is never acceptable. Behind every username there is a user with a name, and we need to respect each others opinions. I've been open and candid with this forum about my split with Moira, my five-figure income, the need to sell the Lexus, my passion for road safety, and my patriotism for Perth and the surrounding Shire. I've embraced the forum with complete sincerity and commitment and I'll continue to strive to be an asset to the P & B community.
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    Get it right fucking up all the vile, bigoted, despicable, violent, *** scumbags. I hope you’re all hurting like f**k you utter, utter vermin.
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    Feel like this might get lost in amongst all the general hilarity of yesterday, but it was yet another absolute minter for the Union Bears. Motherwell's display, To Cheer the Steelmen on to Victory: Rangers' display, Steelmen on to Misery, RFC 27 - 1 MFC: So the Union Bears, possibly still spewing from the Old Firm the other week (where the Green Brigade found out what their display was going to be and made a banner anticipating it), tried to do the same thing here. To start with, even going to the lengths of making a banner about Motherwell shows just how low Rangers have fallen. For some reason, the stewards and police really didn't want them to put the banner up, so after a few minutes of fighting with them, the UB went further up and slanted it across the stand. Meanwhile at the other end, the Well Bois were setting off smoke bombs and displaying their banner without any hassle. Also, the 27 - 1 on the banner refers to how many times Rangers have won the League Cup compared to Motherwell. Without even needing to get into the new club debate, starting a dick-measuring contest regarding the number of League Cups you've won is an absolute riddy. And just to rub it in, Motherwell won the game 2-0.
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    For a start, as VT says, we shouldn't be overhauling how clubs operate in order to help the national team anyway. Changes to improve the national team are all well and good in their own right but it shouldn't be done if it's damaging to the domestic game, which this undoubtedly is to all but the chosen few. However, even if it wasn't the case that this is going to be an absolute disaster for the vast majority of clubs in the country, there's no reason to believe it's going to produce better players for the national team either. Probably Scotland's best player in the latest campaign was Andy Robertson. Robertson was released by Celtic at the age of 15 for being too small, while they retained such esteemed talents as Joe Chalmers. After his release he was picked up by Queen's Park youth set-up and progressed to the first team, impressing immediately and getting a move to Dundee United to after just one season. There he established himself as one of the best players in the country and yet again he was getting a big move after just one season, moving for about £3 million at the age of 20. Three years later, he's to Liverpool for £8 million. In the brave new world the SFA envisage, what would have happened to 15 year old Andy Robertson when Celtic punted him? If they get their way, Queen's Park won't have a youth system left to pick him up: no lower league clubs will have youth systems worthy of the name. Unless the other chosen clubs decide it's worth taking a shot on Celtic cast offs at that age, 15 year old Andy Robertson would have nowhere to go. He'd simply fall out of football altogether. In Project Brave, if you're declared not good enough at 16, you'll get no chance to prove otherwise and play your way back up, and you'll simply never become a professional footballer. If you're a late developer and don't start to show your true quality until you're 19/20 rather than 16/17, you'll never get the chance to show it, you'll be punted at 17 and you'll never make it in professional football. This brings us back to the point of it not just ruining the national team, but our entire league setup as well. Clubs like St. Mirren and Livingston are no longer going to be able to afford their own youth systems and can't produce players themselves - so you're cutting off the youth setups that supplied players like Robert Snodgrass, Leigh Griffiths and John McGinn to the national team. However, you're also cutting the number of players in youth football across the board, meaning there are fewer players available to pick up as well. It's not just players who could be good enough to play for Scotland who'll fall through the gaps and leave the game either, it's solid players throughout the leagues. When Lewis Morgan was punted by Rangers he wasn't ready for first team football yet, but St Mirren had a youth system of their own and could snap him up before he was ready, now he's had time to develop and he's winning man of the match awards every other week. When Jai Quitongo was released by Aberdeen he was nowhere near ready for playing in the Championship, but Morton took him into their youth system and later were in a position to reject six figure transfer fees for him. When the youth structure is forcibly torn away from these clubs, you're also tearing away the safety net for players like Quitongo and Morgan to stay in the game, a net that's caught future international players like Paul Hartley or solid top flight players like Chris Millar in the past. Players are going to fall out of the game entirely and over time it's going to absolutely destroy the lower leagues in this country. A cynic might suggest that's exactly what the plan is: cut the lower league clubs out and replace them with youth teams of the chosen few. The reality is that while we're told we have to put self-interest to one side and support this for the good of the game, it has absolutely nothing to do with the good of the game. Project Brave is the self-interested carve up which will destroy the game for the sake of a few clubs.
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    Stop signing your posts off, nobody has done that since Grimbo.
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    Love how Kenny Miller is one of the first to run over and congratulate Moult.
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    You haven't enough "traditions", "dutys", "priveleges", "honours", "sacreds", "handed down from fathers to sons", "dignitys" in there. Must try harder, something along these lines might suffice. "Once again we have to put pen to paper with heavy heart, having witnessed a near unbelievable charade of a refereeing performance on Sunday at what is our second home - where we have witnessed so many triumphs over the years especially over those f***** b*******, Celtic (maybe best leave that bit out, DK) - and we were cheated out of our rightful place in the final of Scotland's most sought after Diddy Cup. This is by no means sour grapes, and we extend our best wishes to our gallant opponents, Motherwell, who once more showed how every team raises their game against Scotland's most successful team, although we are loathe to blow our own trumpet, but as no other c*** blows it for us, we have no other option, and we wish them all the best for the Final against those f***** b******* (I thought I told you to leave that out, DK), but we fear their agricultural approach to football may be their undoing. No, we do not mean to detract from Motherwell's efforts, our gripe is with the match officials, who besmirched the good name of their colleagues of yore by their inept performance, when our players were callously chopped down as if they were in a Canadian forest, and no action forthcoming. Our fans, raised on the hallowed traditions of our forefathers, handed down from father to son, watched in amazement and horror, as the officials failed to protect our ball playing connoisseurs of the footballing firmament or to act according to the laws of the game (Law 1.1 Rangers must win). Despite this goading, nay incitement, our fans showed commendable restraint, and in fact left 15 minutes early to avoid any ill feeling. We cannot stand idly by exercising our customary dignified silence while such calumnies are executed on the field of play. It is not the Rangers way to complain or carp, we come back stronger for our occasional setbacks, when we have been fairly beaten, but to be cheated of our traditional place in a final - this cannot be countenanced. It is our sacred duty to those who come after us, privileged to be a Rangers supporter, that we seek clarification on the referee's performance, and, if deemed applicable, (although it is not for us to prejudge the outcome of a Lord Nimmo Smith enquiry) reinstatement to the competition, in the interests of money grabbing opportunism sporting integrity Make no mistake - we promise to avenge this foul conspiracy. A Rangers promise means action - watch this space."
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    Your mate insulted him, Shepherd gave some back, your pal wanted to square go him, and Shepherd chose not to get involved in a physical confrontation? Pretty clear who the walloper is here.
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    Does it ever occur to any Rangers supporters that it wasn't worth all the hassle? You could've let it go and had your memories, instead of all this.
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    Cant see Old Firm fans putting their wives on the naughty step after a defeat tbh.
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    THE C UNT'S C UNTS #3 We've seen Rudolph Hucker listed already. The ability to be so bad at P&B that you have a dedicated dotter dishing out deserved reds to everything you post deserves recognition and the issue of dotting will come up several times throughout our list. You might think that to actively seek out a person's posts to dot them - red or green - is more worthy of criticism, but not when a poster is as bad as... @SweeperDee "watched his dad get battered, went through a cod psychology phase and generally comes across as a whiny wee wet blanket." "Watched his da get a doing." "snivelling weed that watched his dad get battered whilst hiding in a bush, all because his father never took him to the city to see a marching band...quite possibly" (S)weeperDee currently sits at an entirely deserved -1,200 reputation score. While much of this has historically been a result of the frankly heroic @tbone stag, there has been plenty of fare for the rest of P&B to pile on. Did you know that he saw Donnie Darko once? Did you know that he studied psychology at university? Of course you do, because of the amount of opportunities he takes to bring it up when nobody want or asks for it. This in itself wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't such a bleating shitebag - the late Fudge no longer posts on P&B for no reason at all, but you can trace it to (S)weeperDee. As you can probably tell from the quotes about (S)weeperDee here though there's something more recent. One of those defining moments in P&B's modern history, the sort of thing which you know as you see it will persists for years to come. In the 2015-16 season, Dundee played Rangers at Ibrox in a Scottish Cup quarter-final. Dundee got scudded 4-0, but this wasn't the worst Dee beating to come on that fateful day, in fact it wasn't the worst Dee reaction to seeing some **** out and about. A few hours after the match had finished an incandescent (S)weeperDee appeared ranting and raving about animals, about Rangers fans who set about his dad at a train station. He was simply raging, and he'd batter them if they were with him now. When it was pointed out that this rage would have been better directed to the **** AS THE BEATING WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENED, no. Not how it works, apparently. Straight on the phone to the polis, straight on to P&B with the impotent rage, absolutely no support for Da (S)weeper as he's getting the shit kicked out him. Some embarrassing pictures of a pair of jeans and trainers followed with what looked like pakora sauce spilled on them, alleging blood spilled on his person. Quite where the blood could have come from I don't know, given his apparent lack of direct involvement with the incident. If you'd like to read these events as they unfolded in real time then erm, tough. You can't. In classic (S)weeperDee fashion some crying to the mods has presumably happened as the thread is nowhere to be seen. While P&B's greatest villains have often persisted through appalling posting, even the truly cretinous like 8Mile have survived by taking ownership of what they've done. The older heads amongst us will be able to remember more of (S)weeperDee's performances than watching his dad get leathered and will hopefully share them here, but few recent events have been as high profile and have summed up a poster as well as this one. I hope you get to read this before a full DSM-IV diagnosis of the trauma (S)weeperDee suffered, or indeed before it mysteriously disappears.
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    Not this shite again. The 'just chuck youngsters in' argument. No country does this. Yes, Gareth Bale was first capped by Wales at 16. Eden Hazard was first capped by Belgium at 17. They weren't just thrown-in because they were young and those countries made a conscious choice to only pick players under 25 though, they were selected because they were already the best players in their positions at that age. The idea that just flinging, say, Tony Ralston or John Souttar into the starting eleven now is going to benefit either the team or the players is baseless when we clearly have better players in their positions. We should pick the best players available in every position regardless of age, and that applies to players over 30 as well as under 20. When a player does come along who is clearly the best in their position but isn't trusted purely due to being young - as Strachan was guilty of in the 2016 campaign in picking Whittaker, Mulgrew and even Forsyth ahead of the obviously superior Robertson - then it's absolutely right to criticise at that point, but the reality is that teenagers being better than established internationals just isn't that common. Does anyone seriously think we'd have done better in this campaign if we'd had Chris Cadden and Scott Wright starting? The 'we just don't have the talent' argument. This is just utterly indefensible drivel. We have failed to make playoffs due to failing to beat Lithuania. Our players have enough talent to beat Lithuania, therefore the standard of player is not the reason we failed. Missing out because of dropping points to teams we have considerably better players than is the pattern of every qualifying campaign since we last made the playoffs. 2018 - missed out on the playoffs on goal difference, having dropped 2 points against 5th seeds Lithuania. Had we taken 12 points from 12 against the 5th and 6th seeds, we would have progressed. 2016 - missed out on the playoffs by 3 points, having dropped 3 points against 5th seeds Georgia. Had we taken 12 points from 12 against the 5th and 6th seeds, we would have progressed. 2014 - missed out on the playoffs by 6 points, having dropped 8 points v 5th seeds Georgia and 6th seeds Wales. Had we taken 12 points from 12 against the 5th and 6th seeds, we would have progressed. 2012 - Missed out on the playoffs by 2 points, having dropped 2 points v 4th seeds Lithuania. Had we taken 12 points from 12 against the 4th and 5th seeds, we would have progressed. 2010 - Missed out on the playoffs by 2 points, having dropped 3 points v 4th seeds Macedonia. Had we taken 12 points from 12 against the 4th and 5th seeds, we would have progressed. 2008 - missed out on automatic qualification by 2 points, having dropped 3 points against 6th seeds Georgia. Had we taken 12 points from 12 against the 6th and 7th seeds, we would have progressed. 2006 - missed out on the playoffs by 5 points, having dropped 7 points against 5th seeds Belarus and 6th seeds Moldova. Had we taken 12 points from 12 against the 5th and 6th seeds, we would have progressed. That leads us nicely onto Vogts and the revisionism that he was actually good. Yes, we made the playoffs and no manager since has done so, and you can only beat what's in front of you, but it was a ridiculously easy draw. Fine, that's the luck of the draw, but all we had to do was finish above Lithuania, Iceland who were still minnows at the time, and the Faroe Islands. He presided over a draw in the Faroes and a defeat in Lithuania and got away with it because it was such a weak group; that's akin to losing to Lithuania and drawing with Malta in this campaign and if we'd had any competent challengers for second we'd have been out. It's far too simplistic to say Vogts finished second, McLeish finished third so Vogts was better; you have to look at what we were up against and where Vogts finished 1 point ahead of Iceland, McLeish finished 7 ahead of Ukraine. When we didn't get such an easy draw in the following campaign, Vogts was found out immediately. Additionally, you'll note there that we dropped 5 points v Lithuania and the Faroes. We finished 4 points off automatic qualification, so once again we missed out because of failing against teams we should have taken maximum points from. Vogts was a failure.
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    Hullo everyone. My name's Shotgun and after reading, and benefiting from this thread for some time, I think it's time to pull up a chair and introduce myself. I was diagnosed with depression about a year ago, although I'm sure I was dealing with it without realising for much longer. I'm not going to go into all the details but Mrs. Shotgun has suffered from clinical depression (much worse than mine) for many years now and unfortunately, despite my efforts to help her, it appears I've simply been pulled down. It's a loving relationship, just not a particularly functional one. As for me - at 55 years old, in a middle-management job which has long lost its spark, I'm apparently a classic candidate for male depression. All the usual symptoms; lethargy, poor sleeping habits, lack of interest in things I used to enjoy, inability to stick with things and so on. Probably my biggest challenge is that I work from home and living in a fairly remote location, often go for several days without directly interacting with anyone outside the house. And for some time, my work output has been the bare minimum to get by. Given the rounds of layoffs my company has had over the last couple of years, this is ridiculously self-destructive but too many days, I just can't get my arse into gear. I've tried medication and sleeping pills but the side effects were worse than the depression so instead I've been tackling it old school, with alcohol and the odd toot on the legal marrywanny. You'll be shocked to learn they haven't fixed the issue either but I 'do' look forward to them and get pleasure when I indulge, so there's that. Exercise helps big time, especially hiking and cycling. This has been a tough year for those though as I had a bad dose of bronchitis in the spring, an injured back in the summer and we've had torrential, destructive thunderstorms on an almost daily basis since June. I have a gym membership and could go there but...you know. And so here we are. This post took me almost an hour to type but at least I've finally done it. I'm going to put the kettle on now. Anybody want anything?
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    Rangers seething because they got pumped. Celtic seething because they didn’t get more tickets. Top work Motherwell and Hibs, mon the diddies.
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    I don't think anyone voted for them thinking "what a lot of bottle I've shown". They just saw a twat and named them. There's nothing inherently worthy about railing against a consensus. If some quarterwit says there's no gravity or that apartheid wasn't all that bad they get the pish ripped out of them. Rightly. You only defend such instances because you perceive them as a thorn in the side of some imaginary liberal bogeyman that the rest of us supposedly represent. And, lest we forget, if the consensus here n P&B is as "narrow" as you'd have it, then it's presumably not representative of wider society as a whole, and by your own standards you should be lauding us for not being the Sun & Daily Mail-reading mouth-breathers that get elections won in the UK. I look forward to receiving your plaudits.
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    Surprised he's gone this early but relieved that it's happened sooner rather than later. Of course it's a "gamble", every time a team replaces a manager it's a "gamble". McIntyre was in the job, what, three years? The League Cup win was incredible. Genuinely a tremendous achievement. But that's not a reason to keep him in charge. He didn't know what his best system or team was (like stretches of last season, and indeed, for half of his first season). The midfield was never properly fixed - Jackson Irvine's incredible work rate pretty much kept the whole thing together in the middle of the park, but then he left and was never replaced (and the system took forever to change). County leaked goals last season but that's not been fixed over the summer. He brought in some real quality players: Davies, Irvine (although he was at the club on-loan before JM arrived), Schalk, Fraser, Naismith. But he signed a lot of absolute shit. Derek Adams levels of absolute shit. That first January transfer window was ludicrous. Abdoulaye Meite FFS. Terry Fucking Dunfield. Tim Fucking Chow. The money he must have pissed up the wall! Last January was staggering. He spent months trying out a 4-4-2 without any natural wide players. Gets to January, signs a couple of wingers. Then goes 3-5-2 and plays Ryan Dow as a wing-back Boyce bailed him out last season. And even then, McIntyre tried shoehorning him in as an attacking midfielder, to the detriment of Boyce and the team. A lot of good memories but also a lot of dreadful memories. The football over the past few months has been piss poor. He could have gone months ago but managed to get a winning run going to finish 7th. JM was capable of putting this little winning runs together but he was equally adept at throwing together a run of defeats. The inconsistency in performances and results was so frustrating. The Scottish football press will have a good whinge over the sacking but they don't know what they're talking about. A brief glance at the results and remembering back to that one time you watched County last season might leave you pondering how Uncle Roy could be so callous to sack the manager who brought the League Cup up the A9. But it has been on the cards for some time. Was always a matter of "when" not "if".
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    I think a heads gone moment from the newly relegated side after we've handed them their arse is my favourite thing about the Championship. Every year we have these entitled c***s telling us of the horror of losing to a part time team, it's delicious.
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    Also tied at 30 with 9 points and one first place vote is another moderator. Sort of. In the summer of 2016 a later-banned poster still to feature on this list made a post about a thing and was rightly pulled up for it. Since the poster in question was a complete welt it's of no surprise and of significant credit to the P&B community that this was brought up on every possible occasion. Using the flimsiest possible attempt at plausible deniability I've ever seen the poster in question pulled a (S)weeperDee, interestingly another poster dogged by claims of the transgression in question, and ran greeting to the mods. One mod in particular acted with extreme prejudice towards the burgeoning movement against the P&B collective. The Beast Chat. Keep pushing. And so, a legend was born. It's hard to say what prompted this once non-descript moderator to go postal on General Nonsense and start banning otherwise harmless posters for a single incident. Given the leeway afforded to magee and his hundred aliases you'd think long-standing members would be afforded a similar amount of consideration but no, he'd decided that anyone who said the word beast was out and that was that. Your words: "ex mod c**t with a trumped up sense of superiority. The John Collins of P&B. Completely irrelevant." "A horrible person and bad poster in general." As much as Keith G. Young represents much of the moderation of P&B as a concept, good and bad, there can be no doubt that the poster here embodied all of the bad. Largely irrelevant before going on an arbitrarily decided banning spree, seemingly at the behest of a widely reviled walloper who had done nothing to deserve any sort of benefit of the doubt himself. I'm sure we're all glad he's gone, but you voted @Nizzy here, so history bore documentation. It's also worth noting that several Partick Thistle fans voted for him, and when tagging him I found the user @Nizzy is a dick. Make of that what you will.
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    Seen more fannies than the ibrox cctv system.
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    I've not been shouting about it this week but I've been genuinely confident that we'd win this - and to actually see it happen was brilliant. The "mood music" in the build up was so different than we are used to - no sense of apprehension coming from 'Well and Rangers spent a lot of time talking about us, which decent Rangers sides in the past simply never did. What I found particularly weird was the extent that victories over an Accies side that everyone is beating and a win over a mis-firing St Johnstone were being talked up by Rangers as a sign that they were on top form - it came over as pretty desperate to me. The game itself was a properly tousy cup tie - for all the hype that we are a physical team, I thought it was overplayed - but honestly, we overstepped it at times today and were lucky that our house Referee took a lenient view with Bowman and Dunne. That said, it was great to see us getting stuck in and not let Rangers get into any sort of rhythm. As the game wore on, Rangers were running out of ideas and once we got our noses in front, there was only one winner. Moult's 2nd will be getting a few replays - but it continues to amaze me that no-one with a decent budget took a chance on him in the summer- it's bizarre that he's still at the club, more so when you see what Rangers did pay for some of the gutless wonders that were on the park today, When I say this, I'm not giving it the Sevco stuff - but Rangers simply aren't the club they were. The institutional memory of winning leagues and cups has gone - there is no-one at the club that knows anything about it - and with that, any fear factor that Rangers relied on for big games has gone with it- for now at least. A team that were obviously sent out to exaggerate every contact and shrunk when the game got tough are nothing to be scared of for any team in our league. Pedro Caixinha has always had the air of a competition winner about him - he always seems like he can't believe someone has left him in charge of a big club - but I doubt it'll be something that he'll need to worry about in future. Even the wee shite banner about 27-1 made Rangers look smaller - their supporters wouldn't have cared about us enough in the past to make that absolute fucking minter - the playoffs must still be a bit raw for them... For us - Celtic in the final is obviously on a different level of difficulty - but we can forget about that for a few weeks and enjoy a brilliant day today....
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    Sutton gloriously tearing into the ***s there. He's got a point though. Sevco have spent presumably quite a lot of money assembling a squad of pea-hearted mercenaries. It's like they've got 5 Sandazas all at once. They are an absolute fucking gang and presumably can't afford to a) Punt Pedro, and b) replace all the dross he's signed. They're in for another season of being absolutely ordinary, and another three fixtures-worth of being Celtic's bitches. No wonder their socially inadequate fans are always so upset Not gonna lie, I absolutely love seeing those c***s suffer.
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    I don't like the Tony your voice.
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    I had a delivery job and would routinely carry a 3 seater sofa on each shoulder, a fridge freezer strapped to my back, and a washing machine on my cock. Easy stuff when you get the balance right.
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    Why would being a Man Utd regularly automatically mean that he should be Scotland's star man? He was a dependable but unspectacular midfielder for Man Utd, so why would he suddenly become a creative mastermind playing alongside worse players in the Scotland team? Literally every single one of the other guys you listed are attacking players - it's obviously much easier for them to stand out for their countries. Fletcher was a very consistent performer for Scotland between making his debut in 2003 and picking up his illness in 2011ish. He hasn't been great for us since then, but has still turned in some decent performances when called upon. This revisionism about his Scotland career has to stop.
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    That banner! Possibly the most embarrassing thing about the whole tie yesterday. So when the rabid bears at Rangers Media go on about Pedro and the players embarrassing their 'great' club they need to take a long hard look at themselves, although you suspect self reflection isn't something they do very well. Still it's interesting from a psychological point of view. Motherwell fans produce a banner that's positively focused on supporting their team while Rangers fans produce a banner that's anti and mocking and tied in with bizarre sense of superiority that, as yesterday proved, is completely unjustified. Imagine being involved in the conceptualization and production of that banner and then watching King Louie sublimely chip the keeper to knock their sorry asses out the competition. Imagine how that must have felt like? Imagine how embarrassing it must have been, to know, even if for a few seconds before the deluded excuses started spewing out, you got it THAT wrong. Oh deary me. Oh deary me.
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    Why prop up basket-case economies when you can... become one?
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    Mate, you ‘invent’ stories of scooping shite out of you own anus and lobbing it at your friends, you attack homeless women in front of your children, you secretly photograph young boys in fast food restaurants, you invent text conversations with an imaginary friend in attempt to get one over other forum members, you stalk social media accounts of strangers. Pipe down you utter psycho.
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    At 23rd with 14 points and 1 first place vote is someone very, very familiar to this thread already. "comes across as a boorish, pompous, tartan clad thicko" "Basically yer da on the football forum. A lesser Grimbo." "I'm a Thistle & Scotland fan and pro Scottish independence. So is this guy, so we should be good, right? Wrong. A petty nationalistic simpleton who by his posts on this thread is dying to be involved, so let's make his wish come true." "Basically same reasons as Fide, but without the beating cancer bit. Would happily risk the Scottish parliament in an "all or nothing" vote for independence." I was recently appalled to learn that this poster is a grown man with children. The start of my time on P&B saw a fevered summer with the independence referendum coming up and truly there have been none as counter-productive to that particular cause as @John Lambies Doos. Everything comes back to that one fact, no matter the subject. Either that or Scotland. Anything that's Scottish gets his support, anything vaguely anti-independence gets his scorn. I'd say it's hard for me to criticise him compared to other entrants given his sentiments are in completely the right place on the subject, but it isn't, purely owing to how boring, repetitive and thick he actually sounds. Anyone who's fond of the word "fukn" on the internet is obviously a simpleton, to see it employed so consistently on a single issue really compounds the issue. Maybe his heart is in the right place, but his usual posts on P&B are barely worth reading and his performance on this thread absolutely justifies his inclusion. That picture above is the first result when you google "yer da," and really, get yer da aff the internet, he's making a tit of himself again. Rather than a specific incident or incidents JLD is a prime example of someone who is all bad, all the time. I'm sure John Lambie and his pigeons would be appalled.
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    Anyone who doesn’t like tennants is an enemy of this nation and an outright terrorist.
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    Introduction of a pyramid system has really helped them, tbf.
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    Some fucking nonsense posted in this thread.... In amongst all of this, more people should be taking the time to mention Slovakias performance lastnight. Their goalkeeper was outstanding, they defended resolutely, they attacked and made a few chances and all of this despite a massive let down from Mhak. If Scotland had performed like that away from home for 70 minutes with 10 men I would be delighted. What a gutter for them to lose it. And even late on they never resorted to shitty tactics/timewasting etc. Beating that Slovakia team is one of our best results in recent years and my hat is off to Strachan. I wanted him out after they pumped us over there. I was convinced that the players had abandoned him. Its very apparent that is not the case so very well done to him. Losing two starters in Brown and Armstrong so close to the game required some major adjustments and then he made further quality adjustments when we needed them. That was a good performance last night. Anyone sayimg different is saying it due to an agenda. Thats fair enough, but dont dress it up as something different.
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    We’ve all heard some pretty poor things shouted at Rovers games in the not too distant past, no point being all high and mighty.
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    The Greenock Morton thread - it certainly is better than ours.
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    The fact that Falkirk were a bit pish in the grand scheme of things isn't relevant to whether they deserved to win; they were considerably better than us and therefore deserved it. They set out to control the middle of the park and did so effectively, with Taiwo the best player on the park by a mile as he utterly bodied our midfield throughout and gave them the platform to control the game. Once they were in front they knew they could contain us easily and did so without any fuss. If we had won a game that way we'd be singing the praises of the defence and Duffy for doing so without giving a f**k about a lack of attacking flair. It's basically what we did in the second half at Palmerston two weeks ago. It was a classic example of one manager tactically outclassing another and I don't see why we should expect Falkirk fans to throw their hands up and say they're still shite when they've ground out a win like that; who cares when you get the win anyway?
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    Sounds like the Royal Family to me.