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    It's the company he's resigned from, not the club.
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    Warburton says he's not resigned. Rumours that Sevco's website has been hacked. Who's a whizz with the laptop?
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    Shut up you boring cunt.
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    My personal favourite .
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    Rangers: The Journey
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    On the 19th September 2014 I watched the news on TV, hungover and full of despair. And I honestly don't even know if despair is the word. Despondent. Broken. And on that day when I was a shell of a man I watched Queen/Union loving thugs descend upon George Square where I had so many good times. I'd got stoned, drunk and pit-stopped at that beautiful square so many times. Yet on this day these thugs - who were all Rangers supporters - started attacking people that I felt like were my kin. The catalyst of my shocked thoughts was the clip of a beer-bellied unionist wank ripping a saltire out of the hands of a young blonde girl sitting in George Square minding her own business. It was at that point I realised I wasn't like other Rangers fans. A couple of folk (rangers fans) have said how could I go against it but honestly that clip of the beer-bellied thug ripping the Saltire out of that little blonde girls arms basically done it for me as a Rangers fan. I supported Rangers as much in division 3 as i did the premiership,. I still kinda want them to win and do well in Europe and such (can't pick yer family eh?) But honestly I'd be happy never to be associated with this club again. Fuck it.
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    Funny as this is, I fucking hate it when the Celtic fans try to get all pally and join in the joke. I'd laugh just as much if they went down the shiter. Arseholes.
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    Here is an update. As a moderating team we have had enough of the nonsense about dots and all the crap going on with posters being hassled via PM. As of this morning Stand Free, The Tedi and Spartans have been permanently removed from this site.
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    New on this forum but after getting back from tannadice tonight had to leave a message in kdy asda.
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    Religious intolerance: Rangers - check Celtic - check Extremist politics: Rangers - check Celtic - check Stadium damage: Rangers - check Celtic - check Trouble in Europe: Rangers - check Celtic - check Victimhood, paranoia, entitlement and delusion: Rangers - check Celtic - check Aye like chalk and cheese mate
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    But you wouldn't want them gone for good would you, otherwise you Sellick fans would have no reason to get up in the morning. Two cheeks of the same arse, both reprehensible institutions who thrive on bigotry and hatred.
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    A shower is a plumbing device that sprays hot water onto a person, in order for them to clean themselves.
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    Daily Record, 15 January 2017 Partick Thistle Football Club slammed for advertising 'deeply concerning' unpaid volunteer role Daily Record, 16 February 2017 Rangers fans could get chance to work for their club and watch their team in action for free thanks to new matchday jobs
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    They could merge with another club, move to Cathkin Park and call themselves Third Rangers.
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    Can't wait for the statement from Rangers.
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    The fact that all 3 of Hearts' shots on target were from the penalty....
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    Exclusive footage of me reading Rangers Media rn -
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    Less analysis, more shite white boi rhymes, pls. On Wednesday you got lucky Like Pat Stanton finding Buckie Our pitch was a mess, f**k knows how When your lad Bartley has the touch of a plough You sang for 90, you must be proud But your songs were as shit as Djoum is well endowed A replay now, we like to spin that money Like 14 year old girls are loved by Jason Cummy So round one in Gorgie, and onto Leith With some minty fresh Colgate for old Wooden Teeth HOLD IT DOWN
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    @throbber Does every piece of crockery you own have to be multiple sided? What the fucking hell is that? Absolutely mental stuff re: PMs regarding dots. At least when I PM'd @Lisa Cuddy it was with photographs of my penis after I heard she'd split up from her man. Have some decency ffs.
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    I am having a great day thanks! I work for a company with previous Rangers connections and a lot of Rangers "fans". They are all telling my smug face that they are "not bothered" and the usual "Scottish football is pish anyway". I would disagree though, they are bothered and Scottish football is great. Pleasing..
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    Just fuckin die and be done with it, filthy, verminous, bigoted, cretinous stain on my country.
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    Thank you for being a tactically inept Fanny who left tavernier on after half time in the cup final which ultimately played a massive part in Hibernian ending their 114 year wait for Scottish cup glory. His memory marches on
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    This explains a tweet I saw earlier today. I thought "how the feck can anyone clock up 90 quid worth of wrong bus?"
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    In a way we are already winners and always will be. Twice, as Dundee fans, have been asked to dip into our pockets and save our club, first the Dee4Life campaign then the Deefiant season, with a hefty points deduction, we stepped up to the mark and our club marches on. This to me highlights that not only can we all rave about how much our club means to us we can back it up by literally putting our money where our mouths are. Rangers fans let their club die. This highlights the shitebaggery and piss and wind they spout. They say they are "bears" and love their club, but when asked to prove it, they all hide and tell us "Scottish football is shite anyways!" Just all pretend fans following a fake club. Dundee fc, already winning.
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    Ah Rangers, don't ever change.
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    In all seriousness, Randy Giles is not just one of the worst posters on P&B he probably one of the biggest bellends on the entire planet. I bet you his parents wish they'd never had him. A source of constant disappointment.
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    Hartley's wee smirk at the start of his post-match interview on Sky is glorious.
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    Yo, TGIG, hold my fleece brah. Wednesday night it is coming soon Maroon boys bricking the bridge of doom A win either way, you probs can't grudge But then if you lose, it'll be 'blame Budge' Both teams going tonto, Foot right on the pedal Gary Mackay has no fucking medals We need to be wise, for those sneaky herts tricks Oor teens need to avoid, a certain Mr G Rix If we seal the win, ER will light up with glee Standing rubbing his stauner, Mr Austin McPhee I end this rap battle, with a tune that rings true. f**k all of you jambos, f**k 1902.
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    All I seem to see, and read on the Cowdenbeath threads is this internet poltroon berwick-the-unbeatable coughing up and spewing his anti-Cowden bile. I could begin to understand this obsession but Berwick and Cowdenbeath are geographically way apart, so there is no logical football rivalry there what so ever. He makes constant references to an U20's player Charlie Denton and now he's taking some perverse delight in starting a thread on Dean Brett. I just want to point out that this guy lost both his partner and child not that long ago. He may not be in the best of places and I for one would be willing to cut the guy some slack. Fire away folks.
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    "Hi Ally, it's Dave. Dave King. Listen, we're getting the band back together"
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