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  2. Maybe I am getting old but when did these spacer things for ears become acceptable? They are disgusting. "Body modification" in general is for outcast freaks.
  3. This is stuff that for too long has been missing from the independence debate. If we are to be successful as an independent state we need wealth creation. The indy argument was far too skewed towards the left in 2014. Many no voters (rightly or wrongly) feared a jakey takeover and the resultant economic chaos. We are the nation that gifted the world the doctrines of the mixed economy. Independence can be viewed as a business opportunity.
  4. A lot of my friends have glasses they have nicked from pubs or cups stolen from coffee shops. Is this common practice or are my friends just tinks?
  5. What Are You Drinking ?

    Some excellent tea.
  6. At Home with the Turpins

    Should have stuck to the family trade of robbing travellers.
  7. Shut up you silly boy.. why not unless you have something to hide, if not i wouldnt see a reason not to?
  8. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    I think Bell would've swaggered into most most bottom-6 sides as number 1. This is the one position we are rich in! What's going at CB and with Greer heading back south?
  9. The sciences, advanced arms, advanced biotech, the arts etc etc, theres a whole plethora of things I'd love to see us looking forward on but as per the topic title, wheres the political figure selling it to the 55%? The only message we hear is how much more free stuff people can have.
  10. Not Scottish but very funny
  11. I'd dearly love to see a Remain'r figurehead come forward and say that first part, has the electorate ever even heard of the possibility of a non benevolent EU? The EU should be a free trade zone and nothing else, maybe they could have a body that stops companies dumping toxic waste in rivers that cross borders too but superseding the will of national governments that block policies leading to the unaccountable European Nation is terrifying. This is an extreme example but theres massive EU pressure right now on the Czech republic regarding firearm ownership, the population of the country want restrictions relaxed wholesale and have elected a government thatll do it, so what business does the EU have to say anything? Having a significant armed population is counter to the EU vision that such things shouldnt be required but theres strong emotions among many of the former Communist countries regarding what their own governors are capable of, many of the people living there have either lived through or have relatives who have experienced extreme totalitarianism first hand. Not that I think the people are under any threat but it should 100% be up to the people of the nation to decide for themselves. We would be highly skeptical about UK membership if London put pressure on Scotland to enact policy people in Scotland hadnt voted for because it broadly meets their own goals. How many people want Trident based on the West Coast of Scotland? How many people want to pay a TV license fee that funds the BBC directly? Besides free trade and freedom of movement, is there any social or private policy thought up by the EU that Scotland couldnt do on her own?
  12. Today
  13. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I’m almost 100% positive that every single one of his goals for us( 10 IIRC) were screamers, or that’s how I’m choosing to remember them as we scored some fantastic goals in the second half of that season. He did get a bit more abuse in the first half of the season than some of the other players as we weren’t winning games and he seemed a bit of a passenger at times but in the second half with Longridge, Connolly and Hardie about him, he was fearless. I still have no idea what he was doing in the second leg at Hibs in the playoffs where he seemed to pick the ball up at the edge of his own 18 yard box and continue running back under no pressure and give them a corner in which Hibs score the goal to knock us out from.
  14. Album of 2018

    Anyone heard any decent albums yet this year? I've listened to Songs of Praise by Shame which was pretty decent. The other one I've heard is Hold on to Your Heart by The Xcerts. It's got a bit of an 80s rock feel to it. Looking forward to Editors releasing their new album later in the year.
  15. Nom Nom Nom

    I do these days unfortunately. Damn you Japan and your unsmoked traditions!
  16. Nom Nom Nom

    Just had wasabi, avocado and ham on toast for breakfast. Absolutely magnificent.
  17. Gigs

    So far for this year, got The Xcerts next month and Detroit Social Club in May.
  18. Depression

    I shall be returning to work on the 30th of January. I feel that I am ready to return now because talking therapy, being good to myself, therapeutic writing and reading alot of good books and staying off social media has enabled me to "reconnect" with who I am and various unpleasant experiences from the past no longer haunt me like they used to. The veil of depression has been lifted. It will also be good to have my fulltime wage again because sick pay is less than a third of what I usually earn. After six months of sickpay I will feel like a millionaire.
  19. Similar to what I said to the other guy about Socialism only working when its protected, I'd say the same thing regarding UBI for the coming reasons you've posted. A declining population isnt a bad thing for a developed nation at all, like you say it gives the existing labour force more leverage, thats assuming the majority of the population havent been lead to believe owning a home is akin to investing in the future or a pension but rather just somewhere to live. That might seem a derail when talking about the feasibility of UBI but your home or rented space is the number one investment any of us make and is at the heart of our entire economy, the cost of living is code for the cost of living in a house and thats what will ultimately determine the success or otherwise of UBI. Right now housing benefit is the chief public handout that holds the whole show up, a landlord can own any old dump and be guaranteed £500+ a month from their local authority (we all know for families it can be much higher), which in turn means they can borrow on that income to feed the property market further and increase property prices for everyone. How a protected Socialism would manifest would be to outright limit/end private landlords gouging benefit money or even just those who were buying up thatchers £2000 council houses in the 80s, if they want to charge inflated rents then let them improve their properties or build their own houses and rent those out, thats what socialist redistribution would look like and top-down guaranteed housing would be required. Oh and something else for people to invest their earnings into to protect their futures, no easy task. Replacing housing benefit with the current versions of UBI for everyone must be a private landlords wet dream the ore I think about it, any sort of system that isnt all in will just feed the machine until full breakdown, UBI will have to go up perpetually to plug the gap. For UBI to work youd need to socialise housing again, find a way to subsidise peoples decades of investments in their properties and decide which stadium to hold the public hangings of private landlords in. I'm no fan of the current system, the cycle of government subsidising the property market is already a reality, a declining population would help but you cant plan ahead 30 years what the population will be even if you did stop the movement of people incoming. You know the entire native western population fall is actually reversing against all predictions, we're starting to see conditions where children are seen as a resource for the first time since the early industrial revolution. More children means more access to public housing and benefits, opportunities to live well on a normal wage are increasingly limited so opting out entirely is an option for many young people. It's people who go out and work that arent having kids.
  20. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    Mount Florida and King's Park ends.
  21. Whitletts Manager

    Well run club?? [emoji23][emoji23]
  22. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Yeah like that. Like Chris Commons was a regular starter for Celtic, but isn’t any longer. That kind of thing. Being a starter for a sh1t Raith is nowt to hang your coat on. If the concepts of time moving on, and players going on a downwards trajectory isn’t something you can grasp, then I am not the one to help you further.
  23. whisky lovers

    Same here. The 12 is my go-to in my local. Virgin Oak is, sadly, a gubbins addition to their core range. I've tried the 18 which is also a core bottle, as well as a 14 year old Spanish Oak bottling and 20 year old Portwood finish - last 2 at the distillery itself, both cask strength. I bought the 20 that day and still have about half of that bottle left. It's an absolute beauty.
  24. 24 year old adolescents

    I don't think the first part is either a load of pish or a generalisation. He said it can stop kids from growing up. My experience with students leads me to agree with many this is the case. Not all - but many. Anyway. I would say I didn't feel like a proper adult until I moved away from my mum 18 months ago (25 at the time). I've been in a decent full time job for 5 years but frankly was living too easy a life. Few bills, relying on her to do washing, cooking, alarms for work etc. I'm glad I moved out when I did for myself, it wasn't even that hard a transition I just needed to get into my own routine. If I ever bothered about saving instead of getting pished and hole chasing in my late teens and early 20s I could have bought my own place a bit earlier but yeah I was basically living like a teenager until I moved out.
  25. whisky lovers

    I tried in the pot still last as it was MOTM a few weeks back, wasnt impressed. Love the deanston 12 though.
  26. Failed Statelet Premier League

    Huge game in the failed statelet today,Coleraine host leaders Crusaders,only 1 point separating them just now although Crues have a superior goal difference.
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