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  2. As I said earlier, the Kilsyth committee guys yesterday were brand new and a pleasure to speak to, and represented their club well. Good luck for the rest of the season, I hope you win all of your remaining matches. We move on.
  3. Hope he's ok, that pic of the collision is horrific.
  4. Three injuries Julio, still an absolute monster. Incredibly likeable as a player. Especially for his bad lip reading clip in the NFL bad lip reading.
  5. That was just even more ridiculous. That's been the big difference in this game, Falcons have been catching everything while the Packers seem to be wearing Teflon gloves.
  6. He played there for Dunfermline as well. Seem to recall them telling us he was useless out wide
  7. We had Hamilton, Souttar, Walker starting and 3 young Scots on the bench. Paterson and Nicholson are out long term. Are you expecting an entire squad of Scots?
  8. Jones
  9. I think the point that the Hedge is trying to make is. If Brechin got the big draw the majority of money raised would have to be put back into keeping the Glebe up to standard. Very little money would get put back into the team. Junior clubs can put all their money into buying players. If that's not taking money from the senior game then I don't know what is. Montrose Roselea have changed leagues because they fancy their chances of winning the north league just to get into the Scottish cup for more money.
  10. Julio Jones is awesome.
  11. Stop it Julio....just stop it!
  12. Aye I don't think I'll be at watching that. Here's a picture of Oleksandr looking cool as f**k to make up for it
  13. Its ok Minter-boys...... ITS OK
  14. One of the million plus women is a Sharia Law supporter! Right that invalidates the protests all over the world in my opinion.
  15. Slightly surprised that the Queens fans say they didn't see Nade being held repeatedly, it went on all game. Stand side lino was poor for both teams.
  16. You were so over it yesterday you had to keep commenting about it all day today, lol. [emoji23]
  17. I really want to enjoy watching Ronnie play but his fans make it very difficult
  18. Cheers for the parking pointers. Expecting a cracker
  19. Yes, my master.
  20. Aye ok mystic meg. Weren't you the one that thought Edinburgh Utd would beat Kilwinning?
  21. Fucking hell [emoji47]
  22. Knew 3 scored 4/10. Lucky with the Aussie cricketer, should've got the pop group right though.
  23. I sometimes wonder how certain people cope being Rovers fans. I've supported the club for over 30 years and aside from a brief period in the 90s, turning up to watch us had always been a bit of a lottery. Sometimes it's entertaining, sometimes it's turgid pish. It's what you sign up for at the start when you decide to be a Rovers fan (or a fan of any smaller provincial club to be fair). If you wanted guaranteed success and dominance you'd f**k off and support Rangers or Celtic like the rest of the arseholes around Fife. A lot of the whining in recent seasons around McGlynn, Murray, briefly around McKinnon this time last season and now Locke has been over the top. It's unhelpful, unnecessary and corrosive. You get the sense a lot of people on this thread earlier were willing us to lose and slightly disappointed when we rallied and got the equaliser. If that's how you feel about your club, you're probably better off staying at home permanently. You'll be happier for it.
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