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  2. Killie vs Hibs

    Runnign out of greenies to give them. Proper banter.
  3. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Scott Tanser is a scrawny wee weed, pretty disgraceful to be such a maggot as a professional athlete. You'd think Chris Millar PT could give him a wee diet plan and a few sessions in the gym to help Tanser shake the malnourished wee girl look he's got going on.
  4. Football Podcasts

    I listen to The Football Ramble and On The Continent but I'm increasingly finding Luke Moore on both insufferable to listen to, his idea of banter is terrible and his knowledge is frequently shown up as wrong. This is annoying because they are both decent podcasts.
  5. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Dumbarton beat TNS on S4C, two brilliant goals and I hope they go on to lift the trophy. The commentators were really patronising about Dumbarton and it was funny to listen to them in the aftermath. The Peter Grant goal in the final was a great moment of sheer losing your shit celebration. I was surprised by the amount of nonplussed looking Caley fans I passed when leaving Hampden .We have had a few great moments to celebrate in recent years. I nearly ended up three rows from my seat when we equalised to make it 2-2 against Hibs at Easter Road in injury time and the winner v Hibs in the playoff is the closest TFS has came to Brockville for atmosphere.
  6. Scottish Cup Quater Final Draw

    Beith will take at least 3 off Lochee. If it was a home game for Lochee then I could see they would have a chance, but away to Beith they have no chance. Beith are a robust and effective team who play together. Lochee will find that out soon. And this is coming from a Talbot fan lol
  7. Hamilton VS Partick ~D Day~

    Haha....he couldnae batter a fish. Is he one of Brogans gang....lol
  8. Ayr Utd vs Airdrie

    I think the fact that Parkhead had 20,000+ empty seats v St Johnstone at weekend and it’s the same most league games there these days that even their usually attending fans are getting bored of it! No wonder, too good for Scottish opponents who can’t compete mainly due to finance...and usually humped in Europe. It’s horrible the amount of so called ‘fans’ in every town and City across the land of the the ugly sisters that could be attending their local teams’ games. The glory hunting muppets can’t even be arsed going to a game these days as all the empty seats mentioned above shows, what happened to all the ones 10/15 year ago on waiting lists desperate for a season ticket?! If even half of the people that claimed to support them went to the matches then Celtic Pk and Ibrox could sell out a 1,000,000 seater stadium each week. Makes me sad and it will just continue as these people have kids ...their kids have kids...and they all have it drummed in to them that they are to support said team.. Remember watching an interview online a year or two ago with a lifelong Man City fan who claims to have fallen out of love with the game since all the money appeared at his club...glory hunters appearing out the woodwork, atmosphere at matches changing to prawn sandwich style etc etc. I can sympathise with this totally. Anyway, only came on to browse what was going on with this fixture before above rant, apologies, just boils ma piss so to speak. Think Ayr will win, expect Ayr will win, hope Airdrie win, please Airdrie win, would settle for draw, ciao
  9. McLeish's coaching team.

    What's Ian Cathro up to these days...? In all seriousness, if you were to ignore his awful stint in charge of Hearts, is he not the sort of person who might be considered a good option for the national set up in some coaching capacity?
  10. People You Dislike For No Proper Reason

    Philip Schofield. I can't rationalise it he is inoffensive and pleasant enough on the telly but I can't stand him.
  11. Wet Wipe Perverts

    Wiping you arse with a wet wipe would be akin to drying yourself with a wet towel. The wet wipe would glide across your crack without picking anything up. You need something absorbent to fully sook up the wetness.
  12. Unfunny comedians

    The John Finnemore sketch show is up there with Ed Reardon's Week as one of Radio 4's best shows. Cabin Pressure was brilliant too he is somebody that deserves to get more exposure.
  13. Unfunny comedians

    I'm not a fan of Josh Widdicombe. I'm sure people do find him funny and it's all subjective but he has a habit of turning up on shows I like and being a boring b*****d.
  14. Top 5 famous films you have never seen

    Sound of music Lord of the rings trilogy Chariots of fire Dances with wolves Notting Hill
  15. I was at training today with a lovely woman from work. She was pretty and fun to be around. Having a better half I was feeling bad at being attracted this woman. When I get home the burd is moaning my face off about everything and anything. I can see why affairs start.
  16. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Gibraltar etc... are in for a tough time. Can see them going it alone in the eu a la Malta etc....but hard decisions have to be made and there may be years of uncertainty inbetween times. They maybe could have come with Scotland back into the eu.......however I suspect the exact nature of our eu relationship post independence is still to be decided by the people of Scotland.
  17. Today
  18. Monday Night Raw Live

    It's not really made the news over here (I'm a bit surprised it's not been mentioned on here though). Apparently Reigns could be in a bit of trouble. Link.
  19. Songs That Should Be Banned For Buskers

    are these real people? how do you know their names?
  20. Killie vs Hibs

    Hibs lads are destroying us on this thread tbh.
  21. Killie vs Hibs

    More like 12 points clear-asil ha ha ha GIRUY Killie b*****ds!!
  22. 2030 World Cup

    They're the least religious people in South America so most likey good c***s. Hope they get the World Cup. South American World Cups are the best.
  23. Top 5 famous films you have never seen

    Lord of the Rings Harry Potter Titanic The Dark Knight The Great Escape
  24. Words that make you cross

    Another shout here for the worst change in how football is talked about. http://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php?/topic/250226-world-cup-2018-kits/ We are Scottish. Just as it is an appalling affectation to say 'season' instead of 'series' when talking about TV, so using the dreadful southerner word 'kit' to talk about a football 'strip' should be an offence punishable by extreme violence. Sadly this seems to be becoming quite common these days. A football kit sounds like something you use to make a football.
  25. Please point to which part is inaccurate.
  26. Words that make you cross

    This is actually a hangover from the past when it was indeed common to not pronounce an 'h' preceding a vowel sound in English, probably due to the influence of French. However, those days are long gone, and anyone saying 'an historic' deserves a kick in the teeth,
  27. Let's All Laugh At Celtic Thread

    He is Although they'd be top 7 when he left
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