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  2. The Home kit looks great and the '1919' on the back of the collar is a nice touch. Adding the sponsor will only ruin it. The away kit however is quite dull and appears more like a training top to me.
  3. The game is fcuked and sidelines have a big part in the game fcuked. I watched a game last week and 15 mins into the game the defender passed the ball back to his keeper. The keeper goes to kick it and miss kicks it. The attacker runs in and scores. All the keepers team mates shouts to the keeper unlucky,head up. Ten mins later the ref gives a decision against the team. All you heard is you useless bastar@. How the fcuk you refereeing you haven't got a clue. A disgrace. It's mostly players who can't play but think the can is the worst at refs
  4. Real shame if true. Not just from a Forfar/Arbroath perspective, but because he could play at a higher level.
  5. Someone told me that ties were invented to attach collars to shirts, but now shirts come with collars come ready attached to shirts the whole tie thing seems needless. I'm supposed to wear one for work but tend not to and only really wear one when I'll be bringing attention to myself for not wearing one.
  6. okay then, its a well claimed expenses custhy number, who else do you know that gets 40 quid "expenses" to travel less than half an hour (sometimes no travelling at all, sit in the refs changing room and wait for their next game), do the thing they are paid "expenses" for for 90 mins, then possible drive less than half an hour again, all for 40 quid per 90mins
  7. I must admit to enjoying Oaksoft's reasoned, grown-up arguments. There have been so many over the years.
  8. The url to watch for updates is: as a pdf of the current status of each club is regularly updated: current status.pdf Normally there are no press releases where licensing is concerned.
  9. Mind Scott Allan? Words can't describe how happy it makes me waking up in morning knowing his career is back down the pan. Fucking snake.
  10. That sounds like a load of shite to me.
  11. because i havent got the temprament or the willingness to go to the courses etc, essentially i canny be arsed
  12. That tasting menu at Roux Parliament looks like it is £158 for 2 people. Doesn't sound too bad considering some of the prices that most of these fancy restaurants charge.
  13. It's disturbing that it doesn't actually weaken us that much.
  14. TBF, at 64, she's more of a gilf.
  15. Do you have Tory on your profile? Cause that might be a reason why no one wants to talk to you if so.
  16. Did Dani Behr and Una Stubbs really both like to have sexual encounters involving faecal matter?
  17. To be fair, it was probably mind games but the niners were bumping their gums about how any team needs a superstar QB to win the SB. I suspect they absolutely played the Bears. 8-8 is the dream?
  18. f**k off Oaksoft you embittered Tory enabling fuckstick. How do you like them apples?
  19. I think your logged onto the wrong forum. HTH -
  20. Robinson playing mind games [emoji1]
  21. Tap shagger! Heard Jackie bird one. Wid
  22. I've heard of him at least but the stats aren't great
  23. Buffs need 4 points from 3 games & a couple goals . Can see them beating Pollok at home & losing to Talbot . Arthurlie away will be the game that decides their season
  24. Heard its a done deal
  25. Yeah i prefer Munichs to gazelles as well. Don't know why, but I just can't wear gazelles, always feel like they're too flimsy.
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