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  2. No bother danny dyer ......have you ever came out of hiding to find out [emoji23] [emoji110]
  3. I think people are too quick to look at the goal return and underestimate what Azeez brings to the team; his strength and pace were valuable assets at times last season particularly when coming off the bench to defend leads. I believe there is interest there but I wouldn't be so quick to get shot of him unless we could replace his qualities. I'd echo the above that Azeez would likely fair a lot better in a two; I think his most consistent spell was when playing alongside Dools in the 3-5-2.
  4. Its not often I agree with your critique of our players, and certainly not when it comes to midfielders it seems...but you've hit the nail on the head with regards to young Cadden. He burst onto the scene, and caused every team problems with his direct style of play, but he seems to be a one-trick pony, and that trick is no more than you describe it...kick and rush. He's been nullified so much by opposing teams over the past 6 months that arguably his best game in that period came when he was deployed at right-back against Kilmarnock in the 'David Ferguson Game', where Jones ripped Ferguson apart but was completely marked out the game by Cadden after the 1st 30mins or so. To be fair to him, he is still young in the game and I think Robinsons mental formation in the last few months of the season hindered him a lot, but he'll have to hit the ground running this season if we are going to get any sort of decent bid for him Again, I'm 100% with you on this...over the years I've seen some tremendously idiotic defending from Motherwell, individual errors, awful goals etc but I have never witnessed anything like that, it was that bad that I laughed for the rest of the match. I'd love to have been inside his head to try and understand what his thought process was.
  5. I imagine he means the silverware. You know, the stuff that was won by "no sporting advantage being gained, apart from signing players we couldn't otherwise have afforded",
  6. We welcome you to our country. We hope you have good stay in the Scotland and see much good football, but we hope also as well not too much and the Šäįñtš can win, haha I make funny joke!
  7. nope, as nobody bought the club, leeds, luton, rotherham, charlton, middlesbrough all survived after going through exactly the same process as rangers, so did hearts in 1905 after liquidating their oldco
  8. Teenage Fanclub - Everything Flows
  9. The innocent team would regain possession.
  10. sorry about getting the facts mixed up about his Scotland appearances, I did remember the Duncan Edwards connection but should have checked out the result. We had signed Bobby from Campsie Black Watch a couple of years earlier and he had played in various positions, but it was only in mid season 53-54 when he took over the centre half role that he really became established. We had already lost two centre halfs with long term injuries that year, first Jimmy Falconer was injured in trhe first round Scottish cup tie against Armadale, which we lost in the replay. His replacement, John Bryden was also injured a couple of months later and Holmes was drafted in as a temporary measure. Being a National Serviceman he was not expected to be available regularly but fortunately it did work out and we went on to have our best ever season with five cups won including Evening Times (when it WAS a very prestigious trophy), West of Scotland, and Central League cup. Incidentally Jimmy Falconer went to Duntocher Hibs when he recovered and captained them in the Scottish cup final which they lost 4-1 to Kilsyth in the replay at Hampden. Our legendary centre forward, Alex Querrie, scored all four goals in that game, the first time it had ever been done in a cup final at Hampden, and preceeding Puskas by some six years. His ultimate goal tally for us was 260 in six seasons. He had also scored a few with Forth Rangers before that but hard to find any documented figures. I know a few others in junior football may have had a higher total but getting definite figures is very elusive, can we have some claims please.
  11. Probably playing with his m8s and making more money playing amateur Mon the papers
  12. You must be on the way to chemist up this early hibs boy
  13. I'd rather Brian Graham tbh Someone put me down please.
  14. In the least surprising of all moves, they've confirmed that the remaster will be available to download separately. For what's likely to be around £35.
  15. Cheers princess
  16. If we did sign those players and resigned Sibbald the feelgood factor would really kick in for next season. I think I just want us to win the league just to shut the moaning faced twats up. That Olaf fella on onef would vanish without a trace
  17. ^ Tried opening all your windows and turning the heating up full? Lesley Duncan : Everything Changes
  18. Devlin apparently signing for Falkirk, we must of pulled out the deal and kept Murdoch instead for Right Back
  19. This is the first stage: Denial - Not believing what is actually happening. Then comes stage 2: Anger - Angry that a man that once adorned the cover of Aberdeen Monopoly boards will now pull on the blue Perth jersey. Then stage 3: Bargaining - Thinking you can come up with some plan from stopping the inevitable from happening. Then stage 4: Depression - Feeling dejected and down that you will have to cheer him on and watch him slow the play down with his sideways passing. Then finally stage 5: Acceptance - The realisation that he is signing/has signed and you have to try and smile and make the best of it. You guys would really save yourselves some time and heartache if you just accepted that it's happening. It could be worse, you could be signing Brian Graham!! Here is the famous Monopoly board:
  20. After sleeping on it, Mercedes should definitely have told Bottas to slow down in order to help Hamilton. They achieved nothing by letting him go after Stroll.
  21. If you were going to have a deal between Scotrail and the SPFL, then you'd need to make sure that it was available to all SPFL teams from Celtic down to Cowdenbeath. Not letting a large chunk of fans have access is the unfair part where it's logistically unfeasible for most clubs to provide a season-long ticketing system. I understand your underlying point that it may be 'nicer' to see some fans screwed over rather than absolutely everybody, but you can't do that fairly in the supposed name of the SPFL. Individual clubs, yes. Whole organisation, no.
  22. Former Queens player, hasn't played for a while - this AJ character perfectly fits the profile for us to sign him up.
  23. That's not serious?! That letter didn't really get sent to the Lithuanian president??
  24. Huge compliment, thanks.
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