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  2. You either got my joke, or really, really didn't. I know which my money's on.
  3. Does my tits in when Dundee fans sing "Beautiful Monday" as opposed to beautiful Sunday. It's a DAB song and should stay that way.
  4. That screen is fucking beautiful.
  5. I'm sure I read somewhere that 17 doesn't allow builds on it. Not 100% on that mind.
  6. Lol, bit of optimism there or fishing, one of the two
  7. Indeed. More generally, football clubs in Scotland and elsewhere are becoming more community based and it's my opinion that the fans and wider local community in Dumfries and Galloway might well get more involved and support a football club that can demonstrate that it's Supporters Trust or say charitable foundation is at the centre of everything it does. There is still a lot of negativity about Queens locally and maybe just maybe a change in emphasis away from the current Chairman/Board led football club would help and be a way of engaging more people in a positive way and be good for the club longer term. Don't get me wrong, results on the pitch are the still the driving force with regards attendances and revenue but it's easier to "sell" the benefit of a true community football club to the wider community where it is a true community club with regards to ownership and how it is run. The key for the Trust and supporter groups is to engage with the major shareholders as well as local businesses, politicians and the like and try to make this happen for the long term benefit of the club and the community. Perhaps in the future the main shareholders will agree this is the way forward and transfer their shareholding to a Community trust or similar. Well, I can dream even if I'm not holding my breath. I see the discussion has moved on. I pretty much agree with what Flash has put forward.
  8. 2010 General Election: LibDem 2011 Scottish parliament election: LibDem/Green 2011 Alternative Vote Referendum: Yes 2014 EU Parliament election: Green 2014 Independence Referendum: Yes 2015 General Election: SNP 2016 Scottish Parliament election: SNP/Green 2016 EU Referendum: Remain Don't think I voted in the last council election for some reason. I also voted for Gary Warren as Caley Thistle Player of the Year once
  9. That game's probably a bit too complex for Kenny tbh.
  10. Is this no you on bass SLW ?
  11. Tories though, competent, safe pair of hands. It's hardly a surprise he knows f**k all about Scotland, still, Union of Equals and all that, hip hip!
  12. as long as he is played in the correct position.. hes very good at attacking and getting forward..
  13. Back at home, would hope for a decent crowd but that could be weather dependant......I expect a solid victory, 2-1 or 3-1. Would like to avoid the requirement of the subs helping out but it does have me feeling less uneasy that we have had 2 good results that came about from impact subs as we have not had that in our locker when strugglign to break down organised teams. That said, County may not have an Addison to help us out like Kille.
  14. Will we even have a starting 11 after playing they dirty b*****ds Brechin shitty? Chances of this being aff due to weather?
  15. I had managed to get ares wizard on 17 but when I downloaded a build I'd get the apps but it was all over the place. Decided to just do a factory reset on the box and start a fresh, this put me back to kodi 16 and also removed a lot of nonsense I didn't use. That link in your other post could come in handy though.
  16. If a drop of rain managed to postpone Tuesday's game then that snow has probably fucked us for the next month
  17. We're one injury from Chalmers at centre-half.
  18. You wont get the new account offers on the accounts you have, but if they arent already promo banned you'll get plenty offers. You'll be surprised how many sign ups there are, there's could to be a few still to do. Then you ave the acca offers etc. Plus Cheltenham is right round the corner, get a decent exchange float for that and you should make a quid or two If you were looking to multi account, it's best in someone elses name, come to a wee agreemwnt with them and get pictures of the docs you need up front. Be careful with ip address matches and what not.
  19. i left Motherwell at 7.30am to head to Stirling. I decided to go up through Airdrie and Cumbernauld to avoid the motorway closure at Bailieston. I finally arrived in Stirling at half 1 this afternoon. The snow wasn't that bad. We must be the worst prepared country in the world at dealing with snow and have the biggest morons on the planet when trying to drive in it.
  20. Aye and f**k off Aiden McGeady too. Genuinely thought we were off to France at that point
  21. That's the one. Looking back I've only seen us win three times in the league this season [emoji33]
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