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  2. ^^^Friends in the Queen's Hotel.
  3. The thing that pisses me off most about Strachan is that he talks down our game and seems generally pessimistic about our playing talent. He might be being realistic but his main job is to inspire players and I think his negativity feeds off to the players. He was a very good player and his previous managerial record isn't terrible, he did well at Celtic and Southampton but there are notable flops which outweigh those. Scotland should be better with the players available and a better manager could do more.
  4. Exactly. It's an awkward thing to warn your tailor that he's going to have to wait a week for his payment because of a screw up by the accounts department, but it's hardly a disaster.
  5. Me and my friends tried to get stoned off dry Banana skins when our dealer failed to show up one weekend. I just ended up with a massive headache off of it. It tasted rank too if I remember correctly.
  6. Db 11 who ?
  7. For the record, I will only not like the Wales team or Aston Villa if they pick Neil Taylor again. Nothing against the rest of the players or the team in general, just Neil Taylor
  8. still don't know why Cupid hasn't been banned yet. He's a horrible human. Up there with hitler and mercer.
  9. I don't even have kids, but the lastest I'll sleep in until is 9. It infuriates me.
  10. It's not pish at all. Houston should obviously have predicted McKee's injury and stayed well away. He has been injured before you know.
  11. Yep, I'm hooked eh...
  12. It's not so much that. Everyone i know who struggles for money and going payday to payday has the latest iphone, car on hire purchase, house they can barely afford. People these days have a problem between what they need and want. We've all become a bit greedy
  13. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot is a masterpiece. One of the most underrated films of all time.
  14. I'm several days behind, but I heard the Spiers/Pressley one today. Sweet Jesus, as an exercise in point missing, it was truly top notch. I don't think the discussion was helped by the silly tabloid billing of how we might be missing out on the next Dalglish. That was a throwaway remark from McLaren and was utterly beside the purpose of what he does. His raison d'etre is not to unearth a superstar, but is to improve lives that could use his input. However, the pitch of the story led Spiers down a path of arguing against some non existent drive to reverse the slum clearances. He was maybe right in that it's not a notional 'working class' that is now disenfranchised. The issue though is that it's still a significant constituency and its exclusion is thoroughly unjust. I think he realised what a a twat he'd comes across as when messages came in, and he did some backtracking re poverty. The fact that he'd already prattled on about his own kids' opportunities to play tennis and rugby did render him a bit of a fool in the discussion though. But Pressley took idiocy to new, previously undocumented levels. He honestly could not see a discussion about abject poverty and what football based projects could do, in any terms beyond those related to the development of professional footballers. It was genuinely embarrassing. His slow, deliberate delivery had never conned me into thinking he was as clever as he thought. It had perhaps though, masked the fact that he's actually pretty thick. A bewildering performance that's kind of depressing.
  15. As if you, the sixty year old virgin, would know. Hows about letting the public make its own mind up, instead of pre-empting the usual carpet-baggers' beating of the jungle drums. Come find me tomorrow, and discuss it like grown ups, instead of shuffling about inside your fucking jacket like your handler did around Ferguson for two years. You've literally nothing left to lose, seeing as the marbles have disappeared on this forum about twenty times.
  16. I forgot SCUMMVM counted as an emulator - that's a cracking piece of software. Always fun to check back every six months or so and see what obscure title they've managed to add to the collection. I see you can play Voyeur through it now. Gadzooks. Latest compatibility list is here, and there are 8 games you can download for free, including Dreamweb...egad! Elsewhere, did anyone else ever have a GP2X? That was a nice wee handheld for running emulators on. Rendered pointless by modern smartphones, of course.
  17. The Dirty Dozen Taxi Driver Thunderbolt and Light foot The Terminator Cruising Escape From New York Assault on precinct 13 Saturday Night Fever Heartbreak Ridge
  18. As some wit pointed out, if that blade had been half a mile longer, the Queen would have been in danger. And if everyone in this country who carries a knife is planning to carry out some form of attack, then Dizzy Lizzy Truss better get more Prisons than she's planned built - and pronto.
  19. As I said before big lad it a great achievement and as u said not many team do it. This development that ur on about why did they not play under the previous manager when they struggled to fill a bench? Will they still be in the first team when Davie get the cheque book out in the summer everyone on the junior world knows at least 5 who have all agreed to come in. the boy Moore is no doubt a talent from all reports but here's a question how longs he been in the academy? But credit where credit is due u guys do a great job with the academy nobody can argue with that.
  20. Aw this is cute the Airdrie fans finally piping up after a long hard season of getting pumped silly by the Amber Machine.
  21. The quality of alias these days is awful.
  22. As long as they keep selling oil nothing will be said.
  23. Millers Crossing is the best prohibition era film ever made
  24. Tomorrow could be the start of your winless run. It's coming, and long overdue. A swap deal is meant to be a fair exchange.
  25. That would be interesting, but it's already pretty clear that you're not staying up this season though. And the feeling isn't mutual, as Hamilton is a gubbins away day for us tbh. Dundee or Dumfries it isn't. Unlucky all round I guess.
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