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  2. If you put it through once and it makes that beeping noise and the barrier stays shut, trying it five more fucking times won't suddenly make your ticket valid.
  3. Glad to hear it, hope we do the same against the Hearts youth team as well.
  4. Gary MacDonald. Cup-winning legend.
  5. Falkirk tv automatically cancelled my direct debit presumably because the highlights are free now. just a wee question for any older Falkirk fans, with Sligo coming up as our first competitive game outside Scotland since Vaduz. I was wondering about another competitive match outside Scotland, the Texaco cup game v coventy back in 71-72 season, was there really between 3 and 5 thousand away fans in Coventry? or was that a bit of exaggeration by old fans to impress us younger whippersnappers? (p.s what would be the chances of us taking any top flight English team to extra time over 2 legs these days!)
  6. Just slam it in your signature matey then you'll never forget
  7. Looking at the plans I think Keyes and Nelms are maybe working on a whole raft of businesses that will all earn them cash back on their investment. From what I can see they're building a big building attached to the rink, which I'm guessing is either an extension to the rink to give the Stars better facilities or a seperate entertainment venue (xscape at braehead or something similar?). + Theres what appears to be a long run of buildings just north of the stadium too so I'm assuming they'll be for retail units/food sales/pubs and the large building to the southern boundary with the triangular bit attached looks like a potential hotel with restaurant/bar too. This doesn't completely settle my mind on the finances but the model would fit with their experience elsewhere as well as giving them a steady return on their investment in a non football dependant way.... Just my thoughts like but that would make sense to me anyway (& I'd not be surprised if they weren't also looking at holding gigs at the new stadium too to make it earn its keep too) & Yeah they've said before we'd be renting from them but unlike from Bennett it was to be set at a peppercorn without any apparent clauses where it goes up year on year.
  8. Congratulations to Jamie Hunter for getting the captaincy at Rossvale. It didn't really work out for Jamie at Glencairn last season, but his attitude and attendance were second to none, despite him not playing much. He is a great choice for Rossvale and I'll be watching with interest.
  9. BT Sport/ESPN
  10. Code : if they showed the slightest encouragement.
  11. The guy on the Queen St train this morning trying to pass off yesterday's ticket and asking to leave a promissory note for payment can get right to f**k. Total arsehole. Big man he was swearing at the staff.
  12. Here's hoping, but take nothing for granted. The four automatic promotion places are a huge carrot for everybody and there are a lot of candidates. Last season means nothing now, we have a lot of work ahead of us.
  13. Onthank v winlinton 2pm kick off at Scott ellis
  14. What's the difference between a methil woman and a washing machine? A washing machine doesn't spit your load out
  15. Agreed, you can't tell from either angle on the video whether it's a penalty or not, so it'll just have to stay as inconclusive. I said to you at the game and on here afterwards that I hadn't seen it properly and would wait for the video before commenting. That didn't stop your pal Beckenbaur making up phrases that I've supposedly said and putting quotation marks around them (e.g. "stone wall penalty") to try and give himself some credibility. Instead he just did the polar opposite. [emoji23] Anyway, what a miss from Deco, it was even closer than I realised, how did he manage that ? I don't think the video shows Jack Baker making a save in the game, please correct me if I'm wrong. He wasn't to blame for either goal, and I note that Beckanbaur hasn't responded to me asking him to clarify his bizarre "sieve in goals" comment, there's a surprise eh ? 🤔 The straight red card was for dissent, although Hay was already on a yellow and was getting a 2nd yellow anyway. You can see the referee has the yellow card in his hand, then Hay says something because he knows he's going off anyway, and the ref changes it to a straight red. Silly boy, he'll get a couple of games of a ban now, whereas he wouldn't have for just the double yellow. The disallowed goal is marginally offside, the referee got it right. The Lang goalie stopped when the whistle went just as Smith slips the ball past him, but the defender didn't stop his sliding challenge. I reckon even if the goalie doesn't stop then Smith would still have slipped it past him anyway, I guess we'll never know for sure. Anyway, thanks once again to Gerry for the video, it's cleared up a few matters that were being debated on here, and it hasn't changed my opinion on any of them. We move on, more important matters await, like the start of the league season today... See you in a couple of weeks Jim. [emoji106]
  16. Mcallister, McCracken and Scott Ross are doubts for this game.
  17. Would you get any money for selling Dens? Or is it owned by someone else?
  18. That's cruel
  19. Naw but Talbot are starting to score goals.......
  20. Surely if he was returning to this league, Kilmarnock would've been his first choice, and I cant see Kilmarnock rejecting him for anything other than wage demands WHICH I'D GUESS would also rule us out. THIS IS MY OPINION AND PURE SPECULATION
  21. Your up early throbs. Shit the bed?
  22. The more I think about it, 3-4 of them probably are at a push.
  23. Unless it's Dixie Dumfries, another 'adult' actress, I'm stumped, BWT. But in any case going 'all in' on her was ill-judged, as we've still got Kevin O'Hara's mum to top the lot. Bairns win! 'All in' will cost you the shirt off your back too, so as a result will expect to see you at EEP today wearing only a Rab C Nesbit type simmet.
  24. Livi tae give the saints a damn good thrashing 4-1
  25. This is all on the new platform so if you want to renew, yes.
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