Lennon Rage Rumbles On

The furore following Neil Lennon's "gestures" on Saturday rumbles on with the debate still with plenty of momentum some 72 hours later.

You'd have got short odds using your betfair betting free bet that Lennon & Hibs were going to get anything but a tousy reception at Ibrox and the home fans didn't disappoint. The game didn't either in what was a pulsating five goal affair that should really have been top of the TV billing on the weekend.

Lennon is no stranger to controversy and yes, he should know better, but his celebration gesture, the cupping of the ears, the "get it up you" punch in the air, it's really just handbags stuff isn't it and yet some grown adults are apoplectic with rage over it. Some people have even reported the "incident" to Police Scotland. Adults!

It's got to the ridiculous and sinister stage now with the Hibs manager receiving a couple of online "death threats" apparently. In most cases these amount to 14 year old hormonally challenged wee guys sitting on the internet thinking they are anonymous but in it's too far, way too far, and it wastes police time who are duty bound to follow it up "just in case".

This was a guy getting abuse from the minute he walked out that tunnel, giving a response. Is it really worth pages and pages of copy, death threats, police investigations and "statements".

God, don't get me started on the statements culture.

Come on people. It's only a game. Let's get a grip here.