Time to Quit Hampden says Davie Provan

TELLS you everything about Scottish football that Queen’s Park and Brechin were carving up the Hampden pitch in yesterday’s rain.

With the clock ticking towards Sunday’s crunch World Cup tie with Slovenia, the stadium’s groundstaff should have been preparing a pitch fit for the occasion.
Queen's Park played on rain-soaked Hampden just days before Scotland's huge game

Instead, it was being pounded by a couple of lower league outfits in front of two men and a dog.

Madness. Lesser Hampden could make an adequate home for the amateurs.

But when did logic ever matter in Scottish football?

How are we supposed to take ourselves seriously when our national team shares a pitch with an amateur club?

Would any serious football country entertain that nonsense?

Queen’s chiefs must have been pinching themselves 20 years ago.

With Hampden crumbling around them they didn’t have the money for repairs. Then they literally won the lottery — £60million of public money pumped into the ground, most of it from the Lottery Commission.

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